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July 29, 2010

7/29/2010- The good and the bad

Posted by Wideguy Jul 29, 2010

      I got out for a run with my wife last night. I was working on Week 5 day 2 of the C25K program but her pace is a bit slower than mine and she was having an off night so we ended up doing Day 1 instead, with the 5 minute run, 3 walk, 5 run, 3 walk, 5 run.  I ended up stretching my last run out to 11 minutes and felt really good doing it,  so that was nice. And we got to work out together and that is even better . Something I've always enjoyed and very often I need that company for motivation.  She and I are even talking about marathons in a couple years which is just a mind blowing idea. All in all very cool.


     This morning I posted in a thread here, the 200+ Pound group, and was reminded by a couple of posters of all the challenges we "bigger" folks face.  We deal with all the physical, obviously. It's a lot harder to propel 280 pounds down the road than it is 180.   But that is only half the battle for some of us. We also have the metal hurdle  of looking down a long long road of 100 pound weigh tloss and overcoming a lifetime of bad habits and deeply ingrained body image.

     All too often we "See" oursleves as fat people, and that make it very easy to give up when a run or a workout gets hard. It's easier to say "Well I already have all the fat clothes anyway."  But the one that really resonated with me today was a poster who said yesterday had been a really bad day. She had no motivation to go out, no desire to exercise, and she hadn't even wanted to log on to any of her "fitness" websites and face other people's workout reports.  Now, in the end she DID go out and did a nice half hour workout. She said she struggled with low motivation and energy and that it didn't feel good. She said she needed motivation.  Then a couple people reminded her, and me, that she was missing the point.  She, and many of us, was looking at "What good is one half-hearted workout when I still have XXX pounds to lose?"  She was missing the fact that she DID get out and exercise. On a day when it would have been so easy to say no, to watch TV or whatever else she enjoyed, she beat that demon, even just for a half hour, and went out for that run!


      We congratulated her, and she should congratulate herself. We all should.  Every time we look at the choice between couch and run, and choose run, we should recognize that small victory. Our lives will probably be filled with those forever, and ever time we choose healthy, choose exercise, it will will probably make the next time a little easier.   And when we string 10 or 20 or 30 of those together suddenly we're breathing just a bit easier. We will be moving just a bit more fluidly. And eventually we'll have 100 or 200 or 300... and the weight comes down and so does the pant size.  Then maybe the payoff will be more easily understood.


     But when that day comes, and we have to beleive it will, it will only be because of THAT day, when it was hot or rainy and we just didn't want to and we , like her, said "Ah screw it, I'm going out."  So let's learn to give ourselves credit for those days now. These are the days that will bring us to that end goal, and every one of them is a victory in itself.  Congratulate yourself. And go run tomorrow.




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