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8/26/10 - A good night

Posted by Wideguy Aug 26, 2010

Sky was clear, stars were out, roads were dry and I was feeling pretty good.


Set out with a route mapped out that was pretty close to 5K, but couldn't remember the specifics. Ran through the podcast, hit halfway and spent some time running trying to think of my route and how I was on distance vs. time  but realized I couldn't really figure it.  But I was feeling good, so I kept running.


"Congratulations you're in your last minute.. Push it!.... OK that's your 28 minute run,  now your cool down " at which point I switched to my play list  and just kept running.  I was feeling pretty good. and thought I could finish my route.  I tried to push a little but had no idea how I was doing...  I wanted to do a 5K in under 40 minutes  , was REALLY hoping to be around 12 minute miles but knew that was pushing it...  but didn't know anyway so kept running


Last stretch nice long downhill, haven't looked at my watch, lost track of how long since I switched off the podcast. Doesn't matter I'm 99.9 % sure this run will get me a 5K. I turn the corner and give everything left for the last two blocks and turn the last corner and stop my watch but don't look down right away.


Take a minute, catch my breath, walk...  finally turn on the flashlight and look..... 37:13!  I look twice and the number is still there.  I'm grinning like the Cheshire cat as I walk home, cool down.  I have it, I gotta have it... maybe not my 12 minutes but we'll verify the miles.


Map it on  careully avoiding looking at the cummulative numbers till I click the last marker..... peek with one eye .... 3.3 Miles.


3.3 miles in 37:13.... Under 40 minutes ... UNDER 12 minute miles...  Everything I wanted when I started this.


Done quietly in the dark LOL


Was a good night.


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8/25/10 - Rain Rain Go away!

Posted by Wideguy Aug 25, 2010

So we have been in the midst of 4 days of straight rain , strong winds and 50° evening temps... all adds up to making it REALLY hard to find the motivation to run. I kept telling myself I didn't need real "gear" to run... so what if I have to take an occasional day off in  bad weather but here I sit, 5 days since my last run, and that one was a less than optimal run to begin with. The desire to get out ther and have a "Good" one is lurking there but the desire to go run in a windy cold rain at night  is really NOT there.   I guess I've come pretty far in terms of  my mentality, at least I feel  guilty about it but I haven't gotten to the "Run no matter what" mentality yet.  Rain is supposed to break this afternoon/evening.. so hopefully I can get out then.


Still not finding any luck with getting control of my diet. Been trying to do little things, smaller protions, less snacking, not eating at night etc. but so far  just haven't found that motivation to start tracking and handling the diet aggressively. I know it has to come and i kick myself every day it doesn't but so far just haven't.


On the plus side, my son had his sports orientation  for his new high school last night and decided to give cross country a shot. Coach seems really good, encouraging, and requires all his runners to attend homework club at least three days a week. Several of the kids on the team are apparently  in the top of the class academically  and provide tutoring and mentoring for the younger kids on the team. All in all it sounds like exactly what my son could use and hopefully in the next two weeks he makes gets to know some kids on the team so when school starts he won't be quite so  lost.


I'm off to try and be productive at work.  Hope you all have a great day

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8/22/10 - Ugh

Posted by Wideguy Aug 22, 2010

So Friday night was a major flop.... got out too late, day before my next dose of meds, ... who knows maybe it was just solar flares ro something but I went out to try W8D1 and got slapped back into reality. My calves were tight, every step hurt and it never got better.  Kept trying to plug away at a snail's pace, varying stride, trying to push and hope I could power through it and nothing helped. The pain in my calves got worse and  my ankles started to tighten up .


I finallt had to conceed at 1.5 miles and only 18 minute of running.  My pace was consistant, around 12 minutes so i guess that is "Something"  but I'm pretty bummed.  The last two runs before that were 35 and 36 minutes...  to get so thoroughly trounced on Friday is not sitting well with me. And to add insult to injury, I felt fine yesterday, lose and free but was too booked all day to run.. and today it is raining buckets. So any attempt at redemption will have to wait till tomorrow.


Not a happy camper in Wideland

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8/20/10 -  Who are you all?

Posted by Wideguy Aug 20, 2010

OK, so the clueless wonder that I am, I only recently realized  that my blog manager page shows me how many people read these little ramblings of mine. My first thought was "Seriously?!? What could I possibly say that is of interest to anyone?"


The second was "Huh, I wonder who they are? " So do me a favor, say Hi. That'd be really cool.  Maybe I know you already  but maybe I'll meet someone new. I like meeting people.


     So off to run tonight, Week 8 Day 1 sorta. My last two runs have both been more than 30 minutes, 35:12 and 36:22 to be exact, so I'm already past the 28 minute runs  of week 8. My plan is to keep going till I have strung together 9 nights of 30+ then I'll consider myself a C25K graduate.   And little side note..  Ran wed Night, had an AWESOME run... was absolutely dead sure I had passed 3.1 miles and had my first 5K...  Looked at my watch and it was  36:22.. I was  ecstatic!! 

     Then I mapped it. Then I realized that my on the fly course change, the one I was SOOOO sure was "no problem" with the overall distance... and when I finally looked up the milage was 2.99 miles!!! GRRRRR

     So off tonight to see if I can finish that for real. Cross your fingers.

Next up on my battle is  food. I've been kind of watching my diet, taking smaller portions etc... no more drinking and  only a couple candy bars.  But I'm stuck here at 275  for the last month.  I know that my half hour 3X a week isn't going to be enough to make any huge strides but  damn it feels like I should have lost at least a pound in a Month!  And of course everyone says all the right things, all very supportive. But I'm still pissed!  Not in the budget for Weight Watchers or anything formal so time to hunt out an online food tracker and start trying to figure  where I'm hiding calories, or not eating enough or what the heck is going on.... Still have 19 weeks till my 40's birthday  still time for some meaningful weight loss. Time to step it up.

     On a positive note, even if I don't lose a pound, I'm no doubt healthier, my pants fit better and   the gut is not hanging quite so heavy.... don't know what the scale is doing but the body does seem to be responding slowly. So I guess I'll take that.


     Separate note, a few friends in the 200+ pound club have been talking about comments from people as they run in public.  I myself got a carload of teenagers yelling "RUN FATTIE RUN!!"  one night.   I hope that kid's parents are proud.   But for the most part, people tend to be pretty supportive.   But do all us big folks a favor, pass the word to your skinny friends, a smile and a supportive words would be great. 

     And if you're one of those people debating trying a run,  wanting to start but worried about people's opinions.  We all need to remember  that we are doing this for ourselves and our families and our personal happiness.  It's not about whether anyone else looks at you sideways or "gets " why you are doing it. It should be for us.  So don't be afraid to leave the treadmill in your bedroom and go outside for a run. the fresh air feels great and sunshine is good for your skin. Try to find a  way to enjoy the fact that you are doing it and enjoy the ride!


And as for the jerks, the best quote came from a user named middie26:  

" Yes, there will be people who scoff at you and think you'll never be  able to do it.  The real question is, do you want them to be right?"



Thanks Middie.

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So I have been humming along thus far just fabulously with my stopwatch and my iPod and tracking my runs on  Nothing I have been doing has really required anything techie geeky and knowing my heartrate to the beat every step of my run hasn't seemed important.  Last night changed that.



I have  struggled the last couple weeks with hudity related painful flares in my arthritis but I was feeling motivated and pain free last night,  ankles felt good...  was super psyched for Week 7 Day 2. Mapped out a new route that took  most of my uphill during my warmup walk instead of a mile long steady  uphill for my starting mile running and figured that might help me find  my stride better. I played a lot with stride and cadence, experimenting  and getting a feel for what was the best blend of gentle and   efficient.  Ran all the way through the Ullrey 25 minute podcast and my  route still had me a ways from home.. so I kept going...  ran right  through the cooldown and realized "THAT IS 30 MINUTES!!!" And then I had this hunch I was close to a 5k so decided not to go straight home and extended my run just another couple blocks.

Kept  running till I reached the bottom of my street. Figured the walk up  would be a good cool down.   If only I had known, I would have run up  the hill...


Final stats for tonight; 35:22 straight run,  2.94 miles!! It is .18 miles from the bottom of my hill to my house!


On the larger side I am so happy with this run...  but in that one small dark corner I realize I was >this< close to my first 5k. ( With my cooldown I was 3.25 in 40 minutes... grrrr)

Thursday it will be mine!


And in continuing happy news.. my younger son graduated to Week 3 last night as well.  he's sticking with the program and his older brother is doing all the runs with him and some with me.  Still loving that whole fact .

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8/15/10 ramblings.

Posted by Wideguy Aug 14, 2010

Well just got back from my W7D1 run.. success! 25 minutes 2.06 miles after two days off.  Still having a rough August in terms of getting out as often as I want, the every other night run still eludes me.


My boys have been out twice this week too, together, running around the local school and riding our stationary bike. Once again, I can't  tell you how proud I am of them and how content I will be, even if I never lose another pound, if I have had any small part in encouraging this in them.


Behind on my meds again... and really feeling the three weeks of incomsistent dosing, especially in my ankles. Even on my off days they are stiff for the first 10 minutes out of bed and takes a lot of walking and stretching to get them moving again.... you would think, considering how much I KNOW I feel better, I would be better at remembering to take them.


Had a really nice night out with my wife last night, went for Chinese for the first time in 15 years and it was fantastic. Fiji steak... mmmMMMmmmm.  After dinner we got fortune cookies of course and  mine said "You have a secret admirer." Other than my mom and my wife,  don't know many admirers  but if you're out there feel free to not be secret.


But it was my wife's fortune that actually caught my attention. Made me think about my friends in the 200+ Pound Club and a little "what is your favorite " discussion we had a couple weeks ago.  There were some really great ones in there  and I read this last night in that cookie and it struck me as actually pretty cool, especially with some of us still struggling with weight loss, injuries, difficulties "finishing weeks" etc.  Yet there they all are week after week, trying new shoes, trying new strides, taking weeks off and getting back on ... and every so often you will hear this one word uttered by someone.  And the fortune confirms what all those fantastic people are NOT. It said :

"You are not a failure until you admit you are happy being one. "


All it takes is the continuing desire to WANT to do better.If you have that, you're halfway there .


Keep Running


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8/12/10 - I almost forgot!

Posted by Wideguy Aug 12, 2010

     I've talked a few times about my sons running with me.  My 14 yr old keeps up with me just fine and has joined me on two of my longer runs, including a 26 minute one a couple weeks back. But my 9 yr old isn't quite ready for that kind of distance or pace  so I've been running with him on my "off " nights.  Last night he wanted to run but I was really wanting to try my 25 minute night  so I kind of hemmed and hawed  when he asked me.  I hate to put him of, of course I want to encourage this.  So in comes my 14 yr old to the rescue.."Hey dad...I'll take John running. What week is he on?"  I suggested they stick with Week 2 , 90 second runs and two minute walks, and off they went. They cam back half an hour later full of excitement and details of where they ran, how many laps, how my younger son did... the works.  They went up to the elementary school and ddid laps "so we wouldn't have to worry about cars" and used the flashlight  on the short walk from there back to home.

     Gotta say, that is pretty cool.   I'm so glad that this seems to be working for the whole family and to see the boys so excited about it. I'm more proud of that than anything I'm actually doing myself by far.


     As for me, I'm much less sore today after last night's run than I expected to be.  So I'm pretty happy about that.  Starting to think of ways I can add more exercise, vary my routines to make sure I keep fresh and get some cross training in.  Time for more experimenting


Till next time

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8/11/10 - still plugging away

Posted by Wideguy Aug 11, 2010

Been a long week... forgot to reorder my arthritis meds, so was 4 days late with those.  And adding in the humidity all week, my ankles have been locked up solid. So I haven't run in 4 days!  Yikes.  But tonight I decided it was time to get back out.


How do you Spell Ugly? W-6-D-3... Well...  I thought my ankles were feeling  better, and they were... so I went out. I decided I was just going to do  a short run, wasn't going to try  to  do the "official" W6D3  25 minute  monster.  My reasons were that I had been fighting these stiff ankles  all week and when I looked at my run Calendar I realized I had only  really run once this week . Just seemed like it would be smart to throw  in an extra day to ease back into it.


Well... fortunately I have never  been reasonable or smart. I just finished off 25 minutes and 2.1  miles!   I thought my calves were going to explode at 7 minutes. but  said " Ahhh it's just cuz you're going uphill".. and sure enough they  relaxed a little on the downhill.  Then around 11 minutes got a stitch  in my side..but convinced myself it was just bad breathing. few minutes  of relaxing and slowing down taking full breaths, it was gone... around  15 minutes I passed the shortcut home... but reminded myself that I'd  miss my favorite section of freshly poured smooth asphalt and that house  that always smells so good. So I skippe d the shortcut.... and at 20  minutes I said "Well hell, I've come this far. No I gotta stretch it to  the 25 just because I know I can and I'll kick myself for giving in to  the excuses."


So  I finished it... and it reminds me again of this journey... it's going  to be choice after choice. Chose to run or choose to sit? Chose to do  the exercise or chose to shop for bigger pants?  Chose to eat the cookie  or put it down? ( well, OK.. I ate the cookie...  it's a work in  progress)


Tonight  I chose to not let myself use the excuses. ( Well, OK.. I ate the  cookie...  it's a work in progress )   I may pay for it with sore  muscles tomorrow, the fact I haven't run enough lately is true. I might  pay a little bit.  But at least I feel like I earned the cookie .

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8/6/10 How time slips away...

Posted by Wideguy Aug 6, 2010

Wow... couple busy nights the last two, and another busy one tonight.  By tomorrow it will be 3 days since my last run.  It still sneaks up on me.  The only saving grace this time is I miss my runs!  Not too far in the past I would have gone days and weeks and months and not "missed" a workout one tiny bit.  That may be related to how I got up to 300 pounds, eh?


So tonight is off... tomorrow is run . Back at it. No excuses.


You can call me on that.

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And by way of a cautionary tale...  I offer the following....


      I went out last night with my older son and did Week 6 D1... and we  rocked it!  Awesome! WOOHOO! And with my son! Fantastic!

So  tonight my younger son asks me to take him out. He did a day or two  earlier in the program but hasn't keptup as well so I figured I'd take  him out for a nice W2 D1 ... good workout for him and a good "light"  off-day supplement for me.  He did an awesome run. I was so proud...  chitchatting and laughing the whole way.  I said all along I wanted to  set a good example for my kids... and this is just gravy for me.


      Then I got home and my wife asked if I'd like to go with her. We have  hardly talked today and I knew she needed some hours in her office  tonight so I figured it would be nice to spend some time and she was  doing W1 as an "off day" supplement... well only did a mile and a half  with my son,  and pretty easy pace,... wife is planning Week 1 and  another easy pace ... sounds good. So I sat while she went to slip on  her running gear.


     What I did NOT do  is eat dinner.


So  about 3/4 of a mile in I BONKED!  Dizzy, distracted,   sweating....  a  sudden and complete breakdon like I have rarely felt before. On an  "easy" 1.5 mile  "supplement" run.  Had to walk/hobble home and  immdiately made a sandwich and guzzled a liter of water. Feeling MUCH  better today.


So,  what did we learn today?


I'm going to bed now.

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8/2/10 - Really Proud

Posted by Wideguy Aug 2, 2010

I'm proud tonight.  I'm proud on several levels.  Best and coolest level first.


     I went out tonight with my 14 yr old son beside me again to tackle Week6 Day 1 of C25K ( )  And that is the coolest part. He came home from an evening with his friends and said "Hey Dad, we going running Tonight? Week 6 right?"   Now how can you not love that?

     So we set out  and as we're doing our warmup walk I'm explaining that our last run, on Friday, was a long continuous run, and we won't be going 29 minutes today. Instead we'll be doing intervals again 5/8/5  with 3 minute runs between, I explain.  His response was " Cool! 8 minutes is Easy after 29. I think we should push the pace on the runs. We can do anything for 5 minutes."   Again, can't argue with enthusiasm and it is exactly what I had in mind,  use the intervals to try and push my speed a little faster than my 13 minute miles from Friday.


     Second thing I'm proud of is it worked!   1.9 miles in 24 minutes, average pace 12:30/ mile. So even with walking two intevals we still brought our average down by 30 seconds/mile. And when I mapped just the  running segments we did the 5 minute runs at 10m/m pace and the 8 came in at an 11m/m. So we did exactly what we aimed for, we went faster.


     Third is that my 9 yr old cam out when e got home and said "Dad, I know I'm only on Week 2 (last time he came running with me ) but I'd really like to get going again. "  So looks like my "off days"  will be starting the program again with my younger son.  TWO kids who want to run with dad.


     But finally I'm just kinda proud of myself for still being here at all, still trying to transform myself  even after all my stops and starts. I started this blog back in March and back then I expcted/hoped to see myself a lot further along than I am here on August 2nd.  There are some legitimate and some less legitimate excuses for why I'm progressing through the weeks slower than  I hoped but the memory is not so distant of days all those little things would have draild me completely and I'd be watchin NCIS and CSI live instead of on demand.   But instead I come home and my wife wants to know if I'm going out first or if she is. My kids are running with us.  We are slowly becoming a better, healthier family.  I am so proud of my wife and kids for joining me on this screwy journey based on some running program I found online.


     And I guess I'm letting myself be just a little bit proud of me too.


Week 6 Day 1 Down! Bring on Day 2!!

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