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8/2/10 - Really Proud

Posted by Wideguy on Aug 2, 2010 7:52:09 PM

I'm proud tonight.  I'm proud on several levels.  Best and coolest level first.


     I went out tonight with my 14 yr old son beside me again to tackle Week6 Day 1 of C25K ( )  And that is the coolest part. He came home from an evening with his friends and said "Hey Dad, we going running Tonight? Week 6 right?"   Now how can you not love that?

     So we set out  and as we're doing our warmup walk I'm explaining that our last run, on Friday, was a long continuous run, and we won't be going 29 minutes today. Instead we'll be doing intervals again 5/8/5  with 3 minute runs between, I explain.  His response was " Cool! 8 minutes is Easy after 29. I think we should push the pace on the runs. We can do anything for 5 minutes."   Again, can't argue with enthusiasm and it is exactly what I had in mind,  use the intervals to try and push my speed a little faster than my 13 minute miles from Friday.


     Second thing I'm proud of is it worked!   1.9 miles in 24 minutes, average pace 12:30/ mile. So even with walking two intevals we still brought our average down by 30 seconds/mile. And when I mapped just the  running segments we did the 5 minute runs at 10m/m pace and the 8 came in at an 11m/m. So we did exactly what we aimed for, we went faster.


     Third is that my 9 yr old cam out when e got home and said "Dad, I know I'm only on Week 2 (last time he came running with me ) but I'd really like to get going again. "  So looks like my "off days"  will be starting the program again with my younger son.  TWO kids who want to run with dad.


     But finally I'm just kinda proud of myself for still being here at all, still trying to transform myself  even after all my stops and starts. I started this blog back in March and back then I expcted/hoped to see myself a lot further along than I am here on August 2nd.  There are some legitimate and some less legitimate excuses for why I'm progressing through the weeks slower than  I hoped but the memory is not so distant of days all those little things would have draild me completely and I'd be watchin NCIS and CSI live instead of on demand.   But instead I come home and my wife wants to know if I'm going out first or if she is. My kids are running with us.  We are slowly becoming a better, healthier family.  I am so proud of my wife and kids for joining me on this screwy journey based on some running program I found online.


     And I guess I'm letting myself be just a little bit proud of me too.


Week 6 Day 1 Down! Bring on Day 2!!

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