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8/3/10 - Still proud... but embarrassed

Posted by Wideguy on Aug 3, 2010 9:03:56 PM

And by way of a cautionary tale...  I offer the following....


      I went out last night with my older son and did Week 6 D1... and we  rocked it!  Awesome! WOOHOO! And with my son! Fantastic!

So  tonight my younger son asks me to take him out. He did a day or two  earlier in the program but hasn't keptup as well so I figured I'd take  him out for a nice W2 D1 ... good workout for him and a good "light"  off-day supplement for me.  He did an awesome run. I was so proud...  chitchatting and laughing the whole way.  I said all along I wanted to  set a good example for my kids... and this is just gravy for me.


      Then I got home and my wife asked if I'd like to go with her. We have  hardly talked today and I knew she needed some hours in her office  tonight so I figured it would be nice to spend some time and she was  doing W1 as an "off day" supplement... well only did a mile and a half  with my son,  and pretty easy pace,... wife is planning Week 1 and  another easy pace ... sounds good. So I sat while she went to slip on  her running gear.


     What I did NOT do  is eat dinner.


So  about 3/4 of a mile in I BONKED!  Dizzy, distracted,   sweating....  a  sudden and complete breakdon like I have rarely felt before. On an  "easy" 1.5 mile  "supplement" run.  Had to walk/hobble home and  immdiately made a sandwich and guzzled a liter of water. Feeling MUCH  better today.


So,  what did we learn today?


I'm going to bed now.

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