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8/11/10 - still plugging away

Posted by Wideguy on Aug 11, 2010 7:12:03 PM

Been a long week... forgot to reorder my arthritis meds, so was 4 days late with those.  And adding in the humidity all week, my ankles have been locked up solid. So I haven't run in 4 days!  Yikes.  But tonight I decided it was time to get back out.


How do you Spell Ugly? W-6-D-3... Well...  I thought my ankles were feeling  better, and they were... so I went out. I decided I was just going to do  a short run, wasn't going to try  to  do the "official" W6D3  25 minute  monster.  My reasons were that I had been fighting these stiff ankles  all week and when I looked at my run Calendar I realized I had only  really run once this week . Just seemed like it would be smart to throw  in an extra day to ease back into it.


Well... fortunately I have never  been reasonable or smart. I just finished off 25 minutes and 2.1  miles!   I thought my calves were going to explode at 7 minutes. but  said " Ahhh it's just cuz you're going uphill".. and sure enough they  relaxed a little on the downhill.  Then around 11 minutes got a stitch  in my side..but convinced myself it was just bad breathing. few minutes  of relaxing and slowing down taking full breaths, it was gone... around  15 minutes I passed the shortcut home... but reminded myself that I'd  miss my favorite section of freshly poured smooth asphalt and that house  that always smells so good. So I skippe d the shortcut.... and at 20  minutes I said "Well hell, I've come this far. No I gotta stretch it to  the 25 just because I know I can and I'll kick myself for giving in to  the excuses."


So  I finished it... and it reminds me again of this journey... it's going  to be choice after choice. Chose to run or choose to sit? Chose to do  the exercise or chose to shop for bigger pants?  Chose to eat the cookie  or put it down? ( well, OK.. I ate the cookie...  it's a work in  progress)


Tonight  I chose to not let myself use the excuses. ( Well, OK.. I ate the  cookie...  it's a work in progress )   I may pay for it with sore  muscles tomorrow, the fact I haven't run enough lately is true. I might  pay a little bit.  But at least I feel like I earned the cookie .

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