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8/12/10 - I almost forgot!

Posted by Wideguy on Aug 12, 2010 6:51:28 AM

     I've talked a few times about my sons running with me.  My 14 yr old keeps up with me just fine and has joined me on two of my longer runs, including a 26 minute one a couple weeks back. But my 9 yr old isn't quite ready for that kind of distance or pace  so I've been running with him on my "off " nights.  Last night he wanted to run but I was really wanting to try my 25 minute night  so I kind of hemmed and hawed  when he asked me.  I hate to put him of, of course I want to encourage this.  So in comes my 14 yr old to the rescue.."Hey dad...I'll take John running. What week is he on?"  I suggested they stick with Week 2 , 90 second runs and two minute walks, and off they went. They cam back half an hour later full of excitement and details of where they ran, how many laps, how my younger son did... the works.  They went up to the elementary school and ddid laps "so we wouldn't have to worry about cars" and used the flashlight  on the short walk from there back to home.

     Gotta say, that is pretty cool.   I'm so glad that this seems to be working for the whole family and to see the boys so excited about it. I'm more proud of that than anything I'm actually doing myself by far.


     As for me, I'm much less sore today after last night's run than I expected to be.  So I'm pretty happy about that.  Starting to think of ways I can add more exercise, vary my routines to make sure I keep fresh and get some cross training in.  Time for more experimenting


Till next time

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