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8/17/10 - UH.. I have a gear itch

Posted by Wideguy on Aug 17, 2010 8:16:04 AM

So I have been humming along thus far just fabulously with my stopwatch and my iPod and tracking my runs on  Nothing I have been doing has really required anything techie geeky and knowing my heartrate to the beat every step of my run hasn't seemed important.  Last night changed that.



I have  struggled the last couple weeks with hudity related painful flares in my arthritis but I was feeling motivated and pain free last night,  ankles felt good...  was super psyched for Week 7 Day 2. Mapped out a new route that took  most of my uphill during my warmup walk instead of a mile long steady  uphill for my starting mile running and figured that might help me find  my stride better. I played a lot with stride and cadence, experimenting  and getting a feel for what was the best blend of gentle and   efficient.  Ran all the way through the Ullrey 25 minute podcast and my  route still had me a ways from home.. so I kept going...  ran right  through the cooldown and realized "THAT IS 30 MINUTES!!!" And then I had this hunch I was close to a 5k so decided not to go straight home and extended my run just another couple blocks.

Kept  running till I reached the bottom of my street. Figured the walk up  would be a good cool down.   If only I had known, I would have run up  the hill...


Final stats for tonight; 35:22 straight run,  2.94 miles!! It is .18 miles from the bottom of my hill to my house!


On the larger side I am so happy with this run...  but in that one small dark corner I realize I was >this< close to my first 5k. ( With my cooldown I was 3.25 in 40 minutes... grrrr)

Thursday it will be mine!


And in continuing happy news.. my younger son graduated to Week 3 last night as well.  he's sticking with the program and his older brother is doing all the runs with him and some with me.  Still loving that whole fact .

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