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August 22, 2010

8/22/10 - Ugh

Posted by Wideguy Aug 22, 2010

So Friday night was a major flop.... got out too late, day before my next dose of meds, ... who knows maybe it was just solar flares ro something but I went out to try W8D1 and got slapped back into reality. My calves were tight, every step hurt and it never got better.  Kept trying to plug away at a snail's pace, varying stride, trying to push and hope I could power through it and nothing helped. The pain in my calves got worse and  my ankles started to tighten up .


I finallt had to conceed at 1.5 miles and only 18 minute of running.  My pace was consistant, around 12 minutes so i guess that is "Something"  but I'm pretty bummed.  The last two runs before that were 35 and 36 minutes...  to get so thoroughly trounced on Friday is not sitting well with me. And to add insult to injury, I felt fine yesterday, lose and free but was too booked all day to run.. and today it is raining buckets. So any attempt at redemption will have to wait till tomorrow.


Not a happy camper in Wideland

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