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8/25/10 - Rain Rain Go away!

Posted by Wideguy on Aug 25, 2010 8:06:43 AM

So we have been in the midst of 4 days of straight rain , strong winds and 50° evening temps... all adds up to making it REALLY hard to find the motivation to run. I kept telling myself I didn't need real "gear" to run... so what if I have to take an occasional day off in  bad weather but here I sit, 5 days since my last run, and that one was a less than optimal run to begin with. The desire to get out ther and have a "Good" one is lurking there but the desire to go run in a windy cold rain at night  is really NOT there.   I guess I've come pretty far in terms of  my mentality, at least I feel  guilty about it but I haven't gotten to the "Run no matter what" mentality yet.  Rain is supposed to break this afternoon/evening.. so hopefully I can get out then.


Still not finding any luck with getting control of my diet. Been trying to do little things, smaller protions, less snacking, not eating at night etc. but so far  just haven't found that motivation to start tracking and handling the diet aggressively. I know it has to come and i kick myself every day it doesn't but so far just haven't.


On the plus side, my son had his sports orientation  for his new high school last night and decided to give cross country a shot. Coach seems really good, encouraging, and requires all his runners to attend homework club at least three days a week. Several of the kids on the team are apparently  in the top of the class academically  and provide tutoring and mentoring for the younger kids on the team. All in all it sounds like exactly what my son could use and hopefully in the next two weeks he makes gets to know some kids on the team so when school starts he won't be quite so  lost.


I'm off to try and be productive at work.  Hope you all have a great day

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