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8/26/10 - A good night

Posted by Wideguy on Aug 26, 2010 9:25:43 PM

Sky was clear, stars were out, roads were dry and I was feeling pretty good.


Set out with a route mapped out that was pretty close to 5K, but couldn't remember the specifics. Ran through the podcast, hit halfway and spent some time running trying to think of my route and how I was on distance vs. time  but realized I couldn't really figure it.  But I was feeling good, so I kept running.


"Congratulations you're in your last minute.. Push it!.... OK that's your 28 minute run,  now your cool down " at which point I switched to my play list  and just kept running.  I was feeling pretty good. and thought I could finish my route.  I tried to push a little but had no idea how I was doing...  I wanted to do a 5K in under 40 minutes  , was REALLY hoping to be around 12 minute miles but knew that was pushing it...  but didn't know anyway so kept running


Last stretch nice long downhill, haven't looked at my watch, lost track of how long since I switched off the podcast. Doesn't matter I'm 99.9 % sure this run will get me a 5K. I turn the corner and give everything left for the last two blocks and turn the last corner and stop my watch but don't look down right away.


Take a minute, catch my breath, walk...  finally turn on the flashlight and look..... 37:13!  I look twice and the number is still there.  I'm grinning like the Cheshire cat as I walk home, cool down.  I have it, I gotta have it... maybe not my 12 minutes but we'll verify the miles.


Map it on  careully avoiding looking at the cummulative numbers till I click the last marker..... peek with one eye .... 3.3 Miles.


3.3 miles in 37:13.... Under 40 minutes ... UNDER 12 minute miles...  Everything I wanted when I started this.


Done quietly in the dark LOL


Was a good night.


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