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September 2, 2010

9/2/10- still plugging away

Posted by Wideguy Sep 2, 2010

So I had a great run a week ago tonight,  did my first full 5k and then my life exploded again. Dunno what it is but I keep finding excuses.... my running workshop last  Saturday was canceled and I worked that night. I helped friends move Sunday,  Had meetings  till 9:30 Monday night and didn't get home till 10:30,  my wife's computer  blew up Tuesday morning so spent the night  trying to fix that. Last night we did get out for a two mile  walk and I did three 1/3 mile sprints just to get my legs moving and get  the blood pumping.


Then finally got out tonight, and after a week off my expectations weren't high . Early part of the run felt.... like I hadn't run in a week.  Felt  slow and was definitely hot, 80 degrees. The whole run I was just kind  of "hanging in" , determined to make 30 minutes plus. Near the end I was  gassed and saw my watch at about 33 minutes so decided to try and hang  in for 35:00...and finished at the next closest cross street.  Looked at  my watch and it was officially 35:38.  So pretty happy I stuck it out  and  got the my forth 30+minute run.


Got home and mapped it and was happily surprised to see 3.13 miles...  My second full 5K and happily comes out to 11:24 per mile, only 6  seconds a mile slower than last time,  so pretty happy.  Next run will  be Saturday  after Hurricane Earl blows through and cools us down.  Looking  forward to that!


My son is doing really well on his HS cross country team.  He did 2.75 miles today  plus, as he said "Sprints, pushups, sprints, planks, sprints, ...puke... sprints , pushups... " LOL


Gotta love the dedication!

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