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September 30, 2010

So yesterday I got lots of encouraging words from friends and I  went back to some of my favorite websites and by the time I got home I was itching to run.  So I did!

I felt GREAT... listening to a podcast about the Mutiny on the Bounty.   And then suddenly, *WHAM*  ... right at 15 minutes I suddenly lost everything. Legs didn't hurt but suddenly wouldn't move. Brain went all fuzzy, and I just had to stop.   I had eaten before I left, was feeling strong... and it just left me.


I guess that's what I get for taking almost a month off, can't expect to run as long as before.  But I did get out and do it. By the time I finished walking the mile home I felt fine. Legs were spent but not painful, just tired. When I mapped it out I had don 1.3 miles in 15 minutes... 11:30 m/m and 5.3 MPH average... right about what I was managing for 5k before, just didn't have the stamina for that distance.   But was good to get back out at least.


And on the positive continuing story of my son , yesterday after practice his coach told him he wants him to run in the meet Saturday  and not just attend to cheer on teammates.  My son knows he won't be competitive  but as a Freshman he's pretty proud that the coach thinks he is ready for a full meet race . We're pretty proud too! I'll let you know how he does.

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A few websites and some great demonstration videas about forefoot/barefoot running benefits and techniques. - Barefoot Ken Bob's website. especially the getting started section. - a great study by the Harvard  Skeletal Biology lab - Good demostration video of the stride by the New Jersey Sports medicine Clinic - Made By the manufacturers of Newton Running shoes. I haven't tried  the shoes but reports are they work as advertised and really are truly  built for the forefoot strike - Another video by Newton. - Pay stepcial attention to Step 1 ;-) - A great video.  He's maintaining a steady 5 Min mile pace - Ken Bob is basically the Godfather of barefoot running. he would  cringe at the inclusion of his site in any discussion  including shoes.  But his  tip on starting barefoot, training and  his sheer enthusiasm  translate well to minimalist shoes and forefoot form discussions.

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