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A few websites and some great demonstration videas about forefoot/barefoot running benefits and techniques. - Barefoot Ken Bob's website. especially the getting started section. - a great study by the Harvard  Skeletal Biology lab - Good demostration video of the stride by the New Jersey Sports medicine Clinic - Made By the manufacturers of Newton Running shoes. I haven't tried  the shoes but reports are they work as advertised and really are truly  built for the forefoot strike - Another video by Newton. - Pay stepcial attention to Step 1 ;-) - A great video.  He's maintaining a steady 5 Min mile pace - Ken Bob is basically the Godfather of barefoot running. he would  cringe at the inclusion of his site in any discussion  including shoes.  But his  tip on starting barefoot, training and  his sheer enthusiasm  translate well to minimalist shoes and forefoot form discussions.

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