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April 12, 2011

Rough mornings

Posted by Wideguy Apr 12, 2011

I dunno what it is...  maybe running two nights in a row is bad? Maybe my diet is poor the last couple days? Whatever it is, despite a solid 7.5 hours sleep, I feel completly wiped the last two days.  I mean, even on the best day, I am not what you call your "morning person"... more of a "Don't even bother talking to me until my second cup of coffee" person.  But the last two days are even more so than usual.


But tonight I am giving myself a forced "off" night, or maybe just a long walk.  See how I feel tomorrow.


Oh and still psyched for saturday... 4/16 at the Boston Public Library, the Chris McDougall "Naked Tour"  ... book signing and cabaret and the best part, a  Fun Run  through Boston with Chris McDougall, the great barefoot coach Lee Saxby, Dr. Irene Davis and  Dr. Daniel Leiberman , two of the leading researchers in forefoot running and injury prevention and recovery, and  Ultra running god and Superhuman running machine Scott Jurek!


Plus about 30 other kooky Barefoot and minimalist runners.  I'm sure I won't be able to hang for the full 5 miles with these people but hoping to hang for a mile or two and soak up some info and tips and meet some cool peoples. Can't wait!


Till next time.

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