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Awesome, Awesome, AWESOME day!

Posted by Wideguy on Apr 16, 2011 8:43:46 PM

  Went for my fun run in Boston today with the barefoot kooks and these two guys, and about 50 other runners in everything from Bare skin to Vibrams to full trainers.


WP_000055.jpg   WP_000053.jpg

That's  me and my son Tim with Ultra Running Superhuman Scott Jurek and Author  of Born to Run, Chris McDougall.  Two of the nicest, most friendly  people you will ever meet in this world.  They made sure to drift back  and forth in our group of 50 or 60 and ran along with everyone, chatting  and answering questions.  It was truly amazing. And I  did 4.5 miles,   my longest run yet. And Full Barefoot the whole way


Just fantastic day. I highly recommend if  Chris' remaining "Naked Tour 2011" dates

  come anywhere near you, make a point to attend. And go on the runs, even in shoes. I promise you will not regret it .

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