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Awesome, Awesome, AWESOME day!

Posted by Wideguy Apr 16, 2011

  Went for my fun run in Boston today with the barefoot kooks and these two guys, and about 50 other runners in everything from Bare skin to Vibrams to full trainers.


WP_000055.jpg   WP_000053.jpg

That's  me and my son Tim with Ultra Running Superhuman Scott Jurek and Author  of Born to Run, Chris McDougall.  Two of the nicest, most friendly  people you will ever meet in this world.  They made sure to drift back  and forth in our group of 50 or 60 and ran along with everyone, chatting  and answering questions.  It was truly amazing. And I  did 4.5 miles,   my longest run yet. And Full Barefoot the whole way


Just fantastic day. I highly recommend if  Chris' remaining "Naked Tour 2011" dates

  come anywhere near you, make a point to attend. And go on the runs, even in shoes. I promise you will not regret it .

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I'm confused....

Posted by Wideguy Apr 15, 2011

I had a good run Wednesday... but had a little twinge in my ankle   that  I decided I should really take a couple days off  and rest so I can do this run tomorrow with a bunch of big names. So I rested yesterday  and I;'m resting today...  but I've got this weird unfamiliar urge to run.  


Ankle feels fine, no twinge,  but I still want to take today off just in case...


Just never had this arguement with myself before.

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Posted by Wideguy Apr 13, 2011

Man, I have either got a really out of whack treadmill or I really  just do so much better outside! Just finished 40 minutes on the  belt-o-hell and 4.4 mph seemed like 5+ outside. Can't believe it took 40  minutes running plus 13 walking to do a 5k when outside I can run one,  up and down hills, in under 35.  But whatever, day off yesteday, got  back at it today so I guess that is the key.  Little twinge in my  ankle... might think of a couple days off here so I'm in top form for my  run with the big boys Saturday.


Still struggling with the whole issue of distance and time.  I feel like i can manage two or three  5K distances a week but at the end of those I am completely spent and I don't feel like there is any more distance in me.  Have to find that extra gas somehow to push those extra miles or half miles even.  Work in progress but open to any brilliance.


Have a great night everyone!

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Rough mornings

Posted by Wideguy Apr 12, 2011

I dunno what it is...  maybe running two nights in a row is bad? Maybe my diet is poor the last couple days? Whatever it is, despite a solid 7.5 hours sleep, I feel completly wiped the last two days.  I mean, even on the best day, I am not what you call your "morning person"... more of a "Don't even bother talking to me until my second cup of coffee" person.  But the last two days are even more so than usual.


But tonight I am giving myself a forced "off" night, or maybe just a long walk.  See how I feel tomorrow.


Oh and still psyched for saturday... 4/16 at the Boston Public Library, the Chris McDougall "Naked Tour"  ... book signing and cabaret and the best part, a  Fun Run  through Boston with Chris McDougall, the great barefoot coach Lee Saxby, Dr. Irene Davis and  Dr. Daniel Leiberman , two of the leading researchers in forefoot running and injury prevention and recovery, and  Ultra running god and Superhuman running machine Scott Jurek!


Plus about 30 other kooky Barefoot and minimalist runners.  I'm sure I won't be able to hang for the full 5 miles with these people but hoping to hang for a mile or two and soak up some info and tips and meet some cool peoples. Can't wait!


Till next time.

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Wow I suck at this

Posted by Wideguy Apr 11, 2011

Blogging... I really really do.   Which is funny because really in the last month there is a lot of stuff I'm happy about and should be talking about .


First, my oldest son started Spring Track. He's still got the running bug which is awesome.


Second, I'm back up to managing 5K on my good runs. So far my best time is 34:23  , so still pretty slow but I've managed sub 36's seven times this month. So that is kinda cool.


And I've started watching my calories on and it's done the trick on weight loss. Turns out I was just flat out eating too much, even when I thought I was being "careful." But the good news is I'm down to 249 today.  First time under 250 in at least a couple, maybe 3 years.   So pretty cool.


So why is it that the thing that drove me to come post was tonight's absolutely HORRIBLE run?  I mean, last night was 5K... tonight was barely 1.35 before I gave up.  Just no "oomph" tonight.  When will the day come when a reasonable run a day is "normal?"


I don't know but I'm looking forward to it.  In the meantime, just keep running I guess.  Have a great run everyone

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