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T Minus One Week

Posted by YogiSS Jul 19, 2008

"And all it takes is 7 minutes!" 7 minute Abs. I hate 7 minutes abs.  And what about the rest of the infomercial hell out there: the bowflexes, colon cleansers, windsor pilates, power 90, and my personal favorite, the ab machine that "does the work for you", all you have to do is adhere this contraption to your body like you were getting ready for a midieval torture regimine and you're on your way!


I'm a grad student in San Antonio, not a millenial mom from Malibu who has the time, money, or ignorance to try most of these infomercial regimines.  But I do eat ice cream at midnight studying with this crap on in the background so it does sink in sometimes.  I recently started yoga at 24 hour fitness, but as my fondly though after little sis tells me, "that isn't real yoga".


This all brings me to the title of this blog, the 30 day challenge.  One day after class I asked my "not real" yoga instructor, which I then found out the proper name for this instructor was a "yogi".  (All I could do to not give in to my instinct of laughter and memory of yogi bear and boo boo bear was to focus on my question at hand).  I asked my "yogi" where she had bought the music she used in the class.  I don't know why, it wasn't like I was practicing at home by myself, (I dunno how I'd fill an entire hour with downward dog and child's pose, the two poses I actually knew by heart.)  Anyways she purchased the music off  I checked the site out, which seemed at first way too advanced for me, but after I found the CD she had mentioned, I felt more "centered". 


While browsing their store, i found so many things I wanted to try, like shirts made out of bamboo, yoga props I had never heard of, and then it found me, the elusive ab set!  Being a grad student who has a strong affinity for sugar and sitting, well you can just imagine my ab situation.  I dunno what happened to me last night, but even all of my infomercial hatred and disbelief couldn't stop me from ordering the set which came with two DVD's and a yoga ball (one of those props I have no idea how to use yet, I'll let you all know when I do). 


So after taking the plunge and watching the $29.95 deplete from my bank account today I decided what the hell I might as well give my friends a laugh by challenging myself to my own infomercial 30 day challenge.  So , when the stork brings this little bundle of joy, it will start.  We'll see if I am brave enough to take pictures of my abs along the way...

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