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Test by carol

Posted by a2release212 on Sep 14, 2011 12:52:38 AM

The following is just my testable blog. Pls ignore it. Thanks!

                    in a few weeks,  will be officially released.                     This means that will be released only a few days later.                     Now it's high time to polish up our translations and finish as many of them as possible.                    In most cases the biggest item on the to-do list is the  manual.                   


                    There are five translations where the GUI translation is almost finished and the manual                    is more than 90% done.                    These are:                     Dutch,                    French,                    Japanese,                    Russian and                    Spanish.                    If at least two volunteers help, we should be able to deliver a 100% complete translation for these languages.                   


                    Close behind are:                    Chinese and                    Slovenian.                    Their manuals are > 70% finished, but this is going to be a tough job to get it done.                    


                    Then we have the                     Indonesian,                    Polish,                    Portuguese (Brazil) and                    Slovak                    manuals, which are between 40% and 60% done. It would be cool to get close to 100%,                     but a lot of work to achieve this goal. The Polish translator is currently very active                     and would surely appreciate any help.                   


                    Finally there are several languages where no manual exists, but the GUI translation                     is >70% complete. See the GUI translation statistics.                    These are the easiest jobs to finish, because the GUI translation                     doesn't have long paragraphs, but many single words or short sentences to translate.                   


                    Please come and help. We need *you* Some information on how to join the translation                    team is available on our translation page.                   

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