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Trying so hard to be good

Posted by allready_gone May 31, 2010

You know, it's not as easy as you'd think to sit around and do nothing.  If I could excercise right now, I would make excuses why I don't feel like it but God forbid you take the option away from and I become a whimpering mass of stupidity that keeps insisting on doing stubborn and stupid things that cause more problems!  I have now managed to aggravate the muscles in my good leg to the point of it actually being more painful to use that one than the fractured one.   This is what happens when you try to lift things like computer monitors with only one leg.  (Dumb I know this now).  I guess I figured I could lift it with one leg because it wasn't that heavy.  Well no their not that heavy when you have your normal leverage provided by two working legs that you can put equal weight on.  Somehow in the process of all this, I also managed to upset the soft tissue on the bad leg too.  I've been very good ever since Friday, I can only hope that will help wiht the damage I've done.  I've learned my lesson..not bullet proof.  Now if only my daughter, who has just decided to start excercising again after doing virtually nothing for a year, will learn from my experience on this ONE thing.


Its funny because it's almost as if my center of balance and gravity is off now because everytime I try to do the simplest of things I hurt myself or drop something. I've become the world's biggest clutz!!  I only hope my friend Rita has a better future ahead after her MRI on Wednesday.

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Okay so I guess that in the 3 weeks I've spent on the medical hamster wheel, I have been using the leg far too much for it to even think about healing.  I finally got to the Ortho who says I'm to do NOTHING until he sees me again in 3 weeks. He put me an an Aircast boot but to be honest I'm doubting it's doing much for this particular injury other than irritating my leg, my skin and me.  I am trying to follow directions and use the crutches whenever possible with or without the boot.  I'm trying not to have a bad attitude because I get that it could be sooo much worse but since I can't seem to remove my head from rear long enough to focus on what I can do....the attitude isn't improving much although it has improved since I got my butt back to church last week. My 17 year old has been great about helping me out and not complaining.  I'm very proud of her.  I'm trying to do better about leaving it in God's hands but I guess I'm the opposite of a lot of ppl. I always praise Him and give Him credit when things are good but I'm not very good about going to Him when things are not.  I think it's a worthiness issue.  Don't know how to get past it. What do you suppose it is that can make us so motivated to be fit and exercise but the second a major roadblock gets in our way it's so easy to wallow and not do anything.


I bought a used recumbant stationary bike and hopefully after my next Dr visit I will get to start using it.   I need to work with the P90X ab ripper in the mean time because my core strenght needed some help anyway as I noticed some pelvic shifting on my longer runs.  Nothing major just enought to be a royal pain so core workouts and upper body strength training here I come.  I wonder if punches while sitting in a chair would raise my heart rate enough for some cardio?

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Posted by allready_gone May 16, 2010

Okay so I've never "blogged" before and don't know that I even know what I'm doing here but I'm tired of rambling about this stuff to myself when no one is home and I have this undying urge to get it off of my chest and I'm pretty sure my family is tired of hearing me whine and some of them don't share my views on faith. So here I am...if even no one reads it it'll make me feel better.


I have a freakin stress fracture.  I have been running for about a year and a half maybe a little more and now, just when I'm starting to really get a groove, I'm down.  I'm not really sure what happened. Yes I run on asphalt but it's all I really have available to me right now.  I've run several 5K's and managed to train for and run a half marathon with almost no trouble.  The shoes I ran the halfathon in were toast by then but by the time I realized they were toast it was too late to get new ones and break them in in time. I know that I should have 2 pairs but money is a bit of an issue for me right now.  I'm working on fixing the shoe issue going forward.  I'm also going to change brands as I know that Nike are really at the top of the list. The halfathon didn't cause any problems.  I was fine just hours after and didn't experience much in the  I'm also a certified soccer referee and at best guess, this problem began sometime between the easter tournament I reffed and the Sharks Tooth 10K I ran the following weekend.  So what happened?  Did I not run enough inbetween the halfathon and the 10K? New shoes not broken in enough? Hard stop and go running on the soccer field in a turf shoe?


It occured to me this morning while sitting in church (for the first time in 3 weeks) that I am injured because I put my ego and vanity ahead of God.  No I don't think that God gave me a stress fracture to teach me a lesson, I think that I am hurt because I was too concerned with running faster, longer, harder and because I did my long runs on Sunday which meant that I put it ahead of my relationship with God. I'm glad I went to church today because I've had a really bad attitude since this injury happened and I needed to remove my head from my rear end and start moving forward with this injury and my slightly injured relationship with the man upstairs too.


So here's what I know I need to do....1) make sure to give it plenty of time to heal 2) strengthen my shin muscles 3) improve diet because although I don't eat a lot of bad stuff, I know I'm not eating enough of the right stuff 4) increase calcium and vitamin d intake because I already have a family history of osteoperosis and my own history of heavy smoking (up until a few years ago) and soda drinking so I have no business NOT taking in at least the RDA. 5) Ease back into my training but what else.................

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