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Posted by aunttata on Apr 13, 2009 4:46:26 PM

So for the first 4yrs of my life I hated food and was very thin. When I was 4 I got sick was put on med's that made me eat and my weight problems began. I have been on every diet out there. you name it I did it. would lose some weight but then gain it all back plus some more. lol. In Jan. 2007 I said enough is enough I have to do something. I joined weight watchers and was very upset to see I was at my all time high of 476. Yes I said 476lbs. In the 1st 10 months I lost 104lbs. Then I found out I was having a baby. Had to stop weight watchers. Now I'm proud that I did not let the fact that I was having a baby give me the "right" to eat out of control. I only gained 20lbs and had a healthy 8lbs 11oz baby boy in July 2008. Due to breastfeeding I lost all the baby weight plus another 23lbs by Sept. 2008 but then I get cocky and think I can do this on my own. Well I can't I put back 18lbs of what I lost so now I', back at weight watchers and hoping to get active. I will keep you updated.

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This is where I will talk about my effort to loss weight and get fit so I can see my kids grow up. I will be honest and post about the good bad and ugly.

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