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Posted by authorfre Jun 4, 2011

I am a psychologist and diabetic, and I try to live a healthy lifestyle, especially so I can manage my diabetes. At one point in time I had hoped to run the marthon in Switzerland's Jungfrau Mountain, before I turned 45, but I pressed my training too hard, and blew my knees out. Now I am aiming more for things like the Bridge Run here in Charleston.


As for my diabetes, I have several complications that interfere with my activities. Foremost is that every summer I now get edema, which makes exercise very challenging. I also am concerned about diabetic eye problems and retinopathy, because my eyes blur and I have floaters and see flashes out of the corner of my eyes.


I love to ride bicycles, and used to have an awesome Gitane racing bike. I don't race with bikes now, but maybe someday..My dream is to go hangliding and I do not live too far from Kitty Hawk.

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As a psychologist who also has diabetes, I use exercise, diet and other healthy living activities to stay on top of things.

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