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another day on the way 2 pros

Posted by baller98 Oct 30, 2011

hey guys..another day on the way 2 pros...lookin forward 2 tht moment haha..

so i had another HIBT workout 2day..pretty intense man..all in all good day so im looking forward 2 halloween..lots of candy lol well ill write 2mrrw..


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Posted by baller98 Oct 30, 2011

ok so the tourney didnt go as planned haha. we lost all 3 games:/ the fouling was somewhat outta hand. i hurt my wrist from a nasty fall....but i played pretty beast...scored around...15ish idk n some steals n rebounds..n assisstsss... srry i tryed 2 post this on sept 27..


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Posted by baller98 Oct 29, 2011

hey guys:D



i had a pretty legit workout this morning...bright n early:D it was intense HIBT with game like speed drills. also had a soccer game 2day..played like a beast haha..won 3-1..scored a goal n assisted 1... but im mor of a bball gunna hv another good workout 2mrrw after church or b4... thx 4 readin n happy halloween hope u stuff ur face with candy lol


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Posted by baller98 Oct 28, 2011

hey guys hows it going. sorry i havnt made any blog posts in about a month, ive ben super busy practicing and chilling with my friends. i had a pretty legit workout 2day, i jus downloaded a beast one...had aau practice yesterday..stll sore lol (: hv a pretty important soccer game 2mrrw...gunna rest up...catch ya l8er...

happy halloween!!


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day 4ish

Posted by baller98 Sep 23, 2011

hey guys. 2day i just practiced some moves and took some shots. not my best practice trying 2 save energy 4 my tourney 2mrrw..and i hav an early morning soccer game..but luckily the tourneys not till afternoon/evening. ive heard tht ur not supposed 2 sleep b4 a bball game cuz itll make u sluggish and lazy during a game..plz post a comment or thread on ur gunna eat a clif bar bout an hour b4 my tht a good idea?? plz comment with ur opinion. thx. read my blog!!


PS~  if u hav any suggestions 4 how 2 prepare mentally b4 a tourney/game plz post a comment or thread or private message, etc.. thx again


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Posted by baller98 Sep 22, 2011

i didnt hav time 2 do much..but 2mrrw im gonna practice 4 awhile 2 get redy 4 my tourney this wkend. i do a lot of intense drills and conditioning shooting ball handling etc.. so if u hav any tips on how 2 do well in my tourney plz post a comment below. ill try n post 2mrrw and after my tourney. read my blog!!



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day 1

Posted by baller98 Sep 20, 2011

i did some intense drills and conditioning and practiced my moves. all in all it went well. i shot a lot of baskets, i didnt count though. and i didnt time my workout, i just practiced long enough 2 do tha job. post workout dinner: chicken, rice and veggies.

hav soccer practice tonight. travel bball practice 2mrrw nite. read my blog!!

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about me

Posted by baller98 Sep 19, 2011

hi iv been playin bball since i was 8ish. i love tha game and wanna b a pro one day. i practice 1-2ish hrs evryday. i am on a travel team n our first tourney is this wkend. read my blog!!

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