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Re: Running in Yoga teamwilliams21 4 months ago by salmagomes 5,056 9
Planning for my first 1/2 IM.  Calgery? in General Discussion billprice005 3 years ago by billprice005 1,490 0
Re: Favorite Pose in Yoga Lesley Oz 3 years ago by BlissfulDelight 3,572 5
Re: Triathlon Stinks!! in General Discussion IronMakeover 4 years ago by IronMakeover 11,589 30
Re: Swimming, breathing and endurance in Newbies (New Triathletes) arbarrett 5 years ago by hitman786 8,196 13
Re: The hubby just doesn't get it..... in Newbie Cafe (New Runners) Love2Run4Me 5 years ago by leaperlover 12,711 46
Re: Overweight, but want to do my First Triathlon in Newbies (New Triathletes) ArtistDiaz 5 years ago by burner190 6,793 20
Re: Where/how long did you run today? in Newbie Cafe (New Runners) CaryAN20 5 years ago by CaryAN20 3,801 12
Re: Anyone doing/has done a Pangea Adventure Race in General Discussion billprice005 5 years ago by billprice005 1,005 1
Re: When is a wetsuit "needed" in Equipment and Gear Mark Caples 5 years ago by Barracuda88 3,246 2
Re: Publix Family Fitness Weekend - Ft. DeSoto Reviews in Directory: Comments Guest 5 years ago by South Tampa BUC 814 11
Re: I just finished my first Sprint! in Newbies (New Triathletes) Lovin2TRI 5 years ago by Lovin2TRI 1,504 14
Re: can I use my old cheapo mt. bike in a sprint? in Newbies (New Triathletes) swimslikeabus 5 years ago by swimslikeabus 16,495 33
Re: Run leg  in sand. in General Discussion billprice005 5 years ago by victor m rodriguez 4,404 11
Re: Your Next Race? in Marine Corps Marathon Jeff Le 5 years ago by FLKaren 13,707 59