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An eye care organization

Posted by bonnie2922 on Dec 13, 2010 12:11:18 AM

An eye care organization in India is being honored for its efforts.  On Tuesday, Aravind Eye Care System will receive the Conrad N. Hilton  Humanitarian Prize. The award will be presented in Redwood City,  California, during a conference of the Global Philanthropy Forum.Conrad Hilton, who made his wealth in the hotel industry, established  the humanitarian prize in nineteen ninety-six. Each year the award is  given to a charitable or nongovernmental organization working to end  human suffering. The prize includes one and a half million dollars.

Aravind Eye Care System is being recognized for its work with millions of people in ***** ******** Retired eye surgeon Govindappa Venkataswamy established the  organization in nineteen seventy-six. He wanted to make high quality eye  care available to all, especially India's poor. He wanted to prevent  needless cases of blindness.Eight out of ten people with vision problems live in developing  countries. The World Health Organization says eighty-five percent of all  vision problems could be prevented or cured. polo bagsThat includes seventy-five  percent of all blindness.

An estimated forty-five million people are blind, jimmy choo ********and India is home to ten million of them.Doctor Venkataswamy established the first Aravind Eye Hospital in  Madurai, in Tamil Nadu state, with only eleven beds. Today Aravind Eye  Care System is the largest eye care provider in the world. It operates  five hospitals and more than thirty eye care centers across India.

About seventy percent of the patients receive free care. The comes from the thirty percent of patients who can pay for their  services.

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