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December 15, 2010

democratic procedures

Posted by bonnie2922 Dec 15, 2010

Challenging the Palestinian Authority is Hamas, the Islamist militant  group that controls the Gaza Strip, which is home to 1.5 million  Palestinians. Hamas opposes peace efforts and is considered a terrorist  organization by the United States and other nations.Critics of  Prime Minister Fayyad's program argue he is operating in an  authoritarian, rather than a democratic, context because of the division  of Gaza and the West Bank.


Professor Nathan Brown teaches  political science and international affairs at George Washington  University.kensington ugg boots He said, "The political split between the West Bank and Gaza  is so severe, that you cannot even have any kind of democratic  procedures. When you move outside the realm of administration you find  real serious political diseases.kensington ugg boots The political party system is basically  disintegrated. It does not really exist in any healthy form anymore.ugg bailey button Palestinian politics, if you compare it to the 1990's, is in a state of  serious decay."


Brown argues that even if there is a peace  agreement within the next year,ugg bailey button boots the Palestinian political system is so  broken there would be no way to ratify or implement it. "Why are we  pretending that there is a viable diplomatic process? You have got no  parliament, you have got a PLO that is dead, and you have got a  president whose term is expired. He has no authority to negotiate this  agreement and certainly to implement it, even if he had the authority to  negotiate it. What you have got to do is fix the Palestinian political  system first."

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security forces

Posted by bonnie2922 Dec 15, 2010

The outlines of a Palestinian state have begun to emerge in the West  Bank. Palestinian security forces have become more dependable. A  transparent and disciplined government is providing a growing number of  essential services, and economic growth has been strong.

This is all part of a plan by the Palestinian prime minister to  prepare for the future. p90x workout"Namely to get ready for statehood, to get ready  for that key deliverable of the political process, for that state of  Palestine we thought was not going to be founded against a backdrop of a  vacuum, but on the strength of solid,rosetta stone spanish  well functioning, efficient  institutions of government,"rosetta stone said Fayyad. West Bank remains  occupied by Israel with soldiers and Jewish settlements scattered  throughout the territory. Many analysts remain skeptical that  Israeli-Palestinian peace talks will yield an agreement leading to  Israel handing over control of much of the West Bank to the Palestinian  Authority.


But observers such as Howard Sumka, the former  director of the USAID Mission to the West Bank and Gaza,p90x cheap say now is the  time to build the foundations needed for Palestinian statehood. "They  cannot start to learn their jobs or build their institutions the day  after independence. They will need to be already proficient. In spite of  the formidable obstacles, it is imperative that they stay on this track  of state building," said Sumka.

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Admitted Alistair Burt, a British Foreign Office Minister responsible  for the Middle East and the Gulf, "We are obviously very distressed on  this attack on British embassy staff, but it emphasizes the danger of  the work that some of our diplomats do when they are caught up in  situations such as this. But it is a despicable and entirely unwarranted  attack."


The Foreign Office sa five employees of the British  embassy were traveling in the convoy that was hit by a rocket.taylor made drivers One staff  member was injured along with another three civilians. No one  has taken responsibility for the attack, but Burt says it is likely to  be the same group that carried out a suicide attack against the British  ambassador in Yemen six months ago. The Yemen wing of al-Qaida claimed  responsibility for that attack."It makes us very conscious of  security and issues such as that. But our work and the work of the  embassy will go on,"cheap golf balls added Burt when asked if the latest attack would  alter Britain's work in Yemen.


Yemen specialist Rodney Wilson of  Britain's Durham University says Britain has long been a target for  terror attacks in Yemen. He says Wednesday's attack is only one incident  in an ongoing story. "Britain is a target partly because it is  seen as a colonial power in the past and also they are portraying it  that essentially it is anti-Islamic and it is an enemy of Islam,taylor made golf and  obviously we have a lot of Islamic radicals in Yemen," said Wilson.


He says counter-terrorism measures in Yemen have been stepped up since  the end of last year. In December al-Qaida's taylor made golfYemen wing claimed  responsibility for a failed plot to blow up a U.S.-bound flight.But Wilson says ridding the country of terrorists is a major challenge.titleist golf "Essentially  it is a very fragmented country," explained Wilson. "Government has  problems basically controlling anything beyond the capital. Also it is a  very poor country. It faces many challenges in terms of its economic  development. It is just a very difficult environment in which to be  waging a campaign against terrorists."Britain was not the only  Western power under threat in Yemen, a gunman has shot and killed a  Frenchman at the Austrian oil and gas company OMV, near Sana'a.

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well-known ********

Posted by bonnie2922 Dec 15, 2010

Just imagine. Every Sunday morning, in a large metropolis, 120 kilometers of roads are closed.Welcome to the beloved "ciclovia" as it's known in Bogota.It's  a network of paths created 36 years ago out of main roads and handed  over to Bogota's residents, no motor vehicles, once a week.


On  holidays too, these roads belong to bikers, walkers, skaters and baby  carriers... anything that moves with human energy. That includes kids  learning to skate, bike and even jog. "The bike path is the largest space in the country for physical  activity. It is more than 120 kilometers where people can express  themselves as they wish,fashion ********" said Ana Edurme Camacho, director of the  Recreation and Sports Institute in Bogota and the person in charge of  the ciclovia.?Enrique Penalosa is an international consultant on urban strategies.  He's a former mayor of Bogota and is still considered one of the city's  most innovative mayors. He expanded the bike path during his tenure 10  years ago. "The ciclovia is a ceremony;discount ******** it's a ritual where humans recover the  city for themselves. And for a while it makes us remember that humans  are more important than cars," he said.

Today, about 400 fruit stands work the roads, and 35 outdoor exercise centers have popped up along the paths.

While  displays of extreme sports attract large audiences, some people take  advantage of the friendly environment to promote causes.According  to former mayor Penalosa, the ciclovia has benefits beyond fresh air  and ***** ******** It helps bridge the social and economic divide among  Bogota's ******** cheap??"In these cities of the developing world  where the large majority of the population does not have a car, taking a  bit of spaces from the cars is a policy of fairness, is to build  equality and social justice," Penalosa said.


The ciclovia is also fun for pets. And in case your bike runs aground, there is a licensed mechanic every few kilometers.prada ********The  ciclovia led to other projects in the city such as the night-time  ciclovia at Christmas time and hundreds of kilometers of permanent bike  routes, known as "ciclorutas".Penalosa who plans to run for  mayor again next year, takes credit for them. "We moved from zero to  300,000 people who go to work by bike in Bogota, that's five percent of  the population," he said.The ciclovia has been replicated in other Colombian cities and has been studied and copied by cities around the world.

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