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Posted by bonnie2922 on Dec 20, 2010 11:56:41 PM

Matthew Sapolin is commissioner of the Mayor's Office for People with  Disabilities, and he is blind. His job is to try to improve life for  disabled New Yorkers."If we are going to build something -- how we build  it, how we construct it, so that it would be accessible to people of all  types of disabilities. Whether we talk about a ramp or whether we talk  about a doorway or a handrail, things like Braille on elevators and  signage and things like that."Bobbi Wailes developed polio before a vaccine became available in the  nineteen fifties. She was twelve years old. Schools then were not  designed for wheelchairs. She had to be tutored at home three days a  week.

After high school, she got a job in one of the few workplaces with  wheelchair-accessible bathrooms. She worked at a hospital for thirty  years, mostly as an administrator.Bobbi Wailes also fought for passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

"Let me tell you something, disability doesn't care if you're young,  old, rich, poor, black, white, green or purple. Disability will always  be here, unfortunately. So it behooves all of us to make it a world that  everybody can live in."Even with the ADA,ugg boots clearance a lot of work remains to reach the goal of equality for the disabled -- and not just in America.Marca Bristo heads a group called the United States International  Council on Disabilities. She was paralyzed at the age of twenty-three.  She broke her neck diving into a lake.MARCA BRISTO: ugg boots sale clearance"People with disabilities are living in the streets in  some countries. It's deemed you have been possessed by the devil, or put  out on the street, a shame to your family and really left to live very  subhuman lives."

South African researchers at the international AIDS conference in  Vienna, Austria have announced major progress in the fight against the  disease. ugg boots clearance usThe researchers say their study shows a vaginal gel substance  reduced the risk of HIV infection among women who used it ugg boots outlet.The gel contains tenofovir. This is a common anti-retroviral drug used to treat people with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.The study was done by South African scientists with the Center for  the AIDS Program of Research in South Africa. It involved almost nine  hundred sexually active women between the ages of eighteen and forty.

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