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Its all firsts...

Posted by breberry Apr 29, 2009

I used to run in High School - as the slowest girl on the cross country team. What's funny is I didn't do it for a guy, I didn't do it for my best friend and I sure didn't do it for my family. None of which had anything to do with this team. I just wanted to run. I hated every minute of it - but then we raced - i felt like I wanted to die - and i ran 29:00 minute 5k's.






Its been 10 yrs since i've wanted to even consider running competitively. My friend invited me to start running with her because she is training for a half marathon. I was overwhelmed at first. Then she told me it wasn't til fall. I just thought i'd start with running.









So my training has begun. I usually work out regularly anyway, now my workouts consist of running and small amounts of weight training. Officially I would say that I started training April 16. So far the longest I've run is 5mi (thanks Ashli!) And I push myself more and more everyday. I'm develping a training schedule that works for me and my schedule and try to include friends as much as possible. Right now my work out will mostly be:



Sunday: Short run 2-3mi



Monday: Other training (yoga, pilates, aerobics, etc)



Tues: Run 3-5mi or long run if schedule dictates.



Wed: Walk (60 mins) or Elliptical (30-40 mins) - to relieve strain



Thurs: Long run 5+ mi or 3-5mi (depending on scheduling)



Fri: Short run 2-3mi (sched depending) Possible "break" day



Sat: Break or short run (Sched depending)









So far, thats my plan, it has worked for 2wks now. I will obviously tweak it depending on my needs or as other people begin running with me.









I'm excited though. I really want to run this half marathon and maybe another race this summer.









The new thing to me besides being exhausted at night sometimes.. is stretching. I never used to stretch and now I am never sore after I run. I stretch for at least 5 mins and then try to stretch again before bedtime. It really does wonders for the body.









For now, that is all. Please feel free to comment and give me pointers.


















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