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September 6

Posted by bvcc Sep 6, 2008

Distance: 7.1 miles

Time: 1:15:57


Pace: 10:41 per mile








Distance: 1 mile

Time: 7:48.87




Pace: 7:48.87 per mile




Stretch: Yes





Weekly mileage: 35.3 miles

Cumulative mileage: 463.0 miles





Tomorrow: 20 miles


Comments: I timed myself on a mile on the track, as part of a 1 mile virtual race.  I don't think I've run a timed mile since I was in school.  I did OK, especially considering I ran 4.5 miles to warm up (and then 3.6 to cool down.)



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September 5

Posted by bvcc Sep 6, 2008



Tomorrow: 9 mile run, with a virtual 1 mile race.




Comments: I've never timed myself in a mile.  I wonder what I will do.



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