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DesMoines Marathon Training Blog

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June 17

Posted by bvcc Jun 17, 2008

Distance: 3.6 miles

Time:  40:01



Pace: 11:04 per mile

Stretch: Yes







Weekly mileage: 13.8 miles

Cumulative mileage: 34.0 miles








Tomorrow: 5 miles pace


Comments: Another beautiful day.  I ran longer than planned, without even really trying.  Back on schedule.  I lost a cross-training day and gained an easy day.



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June 10

Posted by bvcc Jun 10, 2008


Distance: 3 miles



Time: 30:37



Pace: 10:19 per mile



Stretch: Yes



Weekly mileage: 3 miles



Cumulative mileage: 3 miles



Comments: Tuesday and Thursday are slow and  easy days.  Today, I went to the track with my daughter.  I ran a paltry three miles, while she did intervals.



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