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July 28

Posted by chevyguru77 Jul 28, 2010

Today was W6D2.  Run for 10 mins and walk for 3, then run for 10.  I did the first 10 pretty well, and HR hit 170 with about 1 min left @ 5.5mph.  Hr dropped to 135 at the end of the 3min walk @ 3.5 mph.  The second 10 mins were a little tough as I could feel some anxiety trying to set in, but kept on.  I finished that 10 and could not believe I had finished it.  HR topped out @175 @ 1 min to go.  At the end of 5min cool down Hr was 120.  I still felt really faint during both walks.  Not sure what is going on here, I eat an apple 1hour before and had some gatorade and have been drinking water all day.  As long as I was running I felt fine but about a minute after slowing and walking it starts.  I finished up at 2.0 miles in 25 mins which is a 12;3 avg. with the 3 min walk in between.

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July 23

Posted by chevyguru77 Jul 23, 2010

Well, today was the big day.  The 20 min monster is slain!!!!  I just knew when I started the warm up walk I wasn't going to be able to run the whole thing.  Guess what I did and I also ran 8 more mins to boot and did 2.6 miles in that amount of time.  So it was 31mins total and 2.94 miles.  The reason it is not 3.0 miles is because I was feeling really weak and faint after the run and tried to walk to cool down but started feeling worse and like I was going to pass out.  I wasn't sure what was going on and went into the fitness center office to chill out.  I was feeling bad at the beginning of the run achy and stuff and like I wasn't going to be able to do it.  I pressed on and low and behold at about 10 mins in to it and started to feel good.  I kept on running at 5.5- 6.0 mph off and on the rest of the run and at the end of 20 mins still felt good so I trucked on.  My HR the whole time was around 160 and 170 by the end .  At around 28 mins I got a tingling sensation all over and felt awesome, but ran a little longer.  Then I felt really bad like a crash and slowed down to 3.0, but HR wasn't coming down passed 155.  I got a little panicked and it shot up to 160 and started feeling faint.  I went into the fitness center office and talked to one of our personal trainers.  I told him I wasnt feeling so hot and he had me sit down.  I told him I was kind of worried about HR not coming down and he told me to concentrate on breathing, but I wasn't out of breath.   I sat there for about 10 mins and had a little grape juice and felt much better.  A couple of the trainers said it sounded like I ran through a adrenaline rush and then crashed before I had stopped running, and my sugar might have been a little low.  WHEW that was close.  I think it was adrenaline and I panicked because I did not realize what it was.

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July 21

Posted by chevyguru77 Jul 21, 2010

Today was W5D2.  I rocked it out and even ran an extra 2 mins to give me an even 10.  Now 10 more on Friday for a total of 20 or the "20 min  monster" as some refur to it.  My HR is imporving by the day it seems, it stayed around 165 for most of the workout and dropped quickly during the recovery walks.  My weight seems to be stuck at 242lbs and I am tring different things to get it moving again.

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July 20

Posted by chevyguru77 Jul 20, 2010

Today was an off day and I usually try to swim, but after getting my butt kicked by the conditions and running outside on Sat. morning I decided to run outside today.  I talked a coworker into going with me cause she wants to be more effiecient at outdoor running( another treadmill baby).  At 4:30 after work we went to "do a light day".  The sidewalk to the hospital complex makes a perfect square and comes in at 1.1miles.  We made it to the "hill" and made it most of the way up and had to walk for a min or two.  We finished pretty strong at about 12:30 mm.  We then did four sprints up a slight grade and jogged up the grade once.  It felt great.  It was also 94 degrees and 76% humidity at 4:30 and we survived.

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July 17

Posted by chevyguru77 Jul 18, 2010

So because my run was so good last night I have decided to run a 5k today.  Last night I ran to walmart and picked up a shirt that is dry lok or something to keep from wearing cotton shirt/ shorts.  I picked up some dry lok running socks.  I also wear support pantyhose(mantyhose if you will) or "comfilon's Activskin for men"  I wear them to work and since on I just change in to shorts and run in them, so I figured if I train in them I should probably run in them.  Before I started using them I would chafe between my thighs like really high up.  I have tried the under armor nylon boxer breifs but still happened. I have been wearing pantyhose while hunting and in sports, since I was in school, and have not had any more trouble.  Anyways, enuf about my underwear.  So I have everything ready to go and hop in bed.  I could not sleep at all and thought, Im going to regret not being able to sleep.  The alarm went off at 6am and I got dressed, eat a granola bar, drank some water, and headed out.  I got to the event location and went to register and in line I thought about leaving, even asked myself what in the world I was doing.  I looked up the weather on my phone cause I could barely breathe standing still and it was 78 degrees and 86% humidity.  I thought to myself " your dead".  7:30 rolled around and we took off.  I felt ok at first and like my pace was a little fast, but kept on.  I went thru the first mile and  a half in 16:20 and thought "man if I could keep this up I will finish at about 33 mins".  My HR started to climb so I had to walk a bit.  I ran when I could and walked when I had to get HR out of the 180's.  I finished at 40:06 and was beating myself up cause I thought I should have finished at around 36-38 at the very slowest.  This is my very first attempt at a 5k, and the first time I have ran a mile and a half straight in like 13 years.  I felt horrible on the way home and like I had no business being there.  As the day went on I felt better about my effort.  I can not wait to finish c25k and run the Little Rock classic on Sept4th.  It will be way better than this one.  I know it.

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July 16

Posted by chevyguru77 Jul 18, 2010

This was W4D3 I really enjoyed today's workout.  I hit the 240lbs mark today and was very  pleased.  I slowed my pace on the TR to 3.5 walking and 5.5 running.  The first 3 mins went by like nothing and even the first 5 mins went by like that as well.  My heart rate was holding steady at 162-165 in my 5 min run.  My second 3 min run went even faster than the first and I could not wait to get the next 5 minuter on.  On the second 5 minn run I noticed the HR starting ti climb a little and by the end it had  went up to 170.  I went on for about another min and slowed it down to my walk.  The guy beside me had ran the whole time I was running and walking at 5.5.  At the end of his he was going to turn it up for 1min so i thought I would join him.  We cranked up the speed to 7.2mph for the min, boy it felt good.  I also finished the 3. miles in 38 mins including the 5min warmup walk.  If fact I felt soo good about it I am thinking of running a 5k on Sat.

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July 14

Posted by chevyguru77 Jul 14, 2010

I am on W4D2 and SMASHED it.  I was hurting from the last workout W4D1.  I did it any way I just slowed my pace down to 5-5.5mph.  I also did the heart rate recovery test to see how I was recovering.  I started out at 75bpm,  at 2miles 27.40 mins it was 172bpm,  at 29.35 177  at 30.mins  started walking at 2.8mph 172, 30.15 168,  30.30-161, @30.45-157, @31-148, @31.15-144, @31.30-139,  @3145-138 slowed to 2.0mph @32-137,  @32.15-129.

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