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July 28

Posted by chevyguru77 on Jul 28, 2010 6:06:12 PM

Today was W6D2.  Run for 10 mins and walk for 3, then run for 10.  I did the first 10 pretty well, and HR hit 170 with about 1 min left @ 5.5mph.  Hr dropped to 135 at the end of the 3min walk @ 3.5 mph.  The second 10 mins were a little tough as I could feel some anxiety trying to set in, but kept on.  I finished that 10 and could not believe I had finished it.  HR topped out @175 @ 1 min to go.  At the end of 5min cool down Hr was 120.  I still felt really faint during both walks.  Not sure what is going on here, I eat an apple 1hour before and had some gatorade and have been drinking water all day.  As long as I was running I felt fine but about a minute after slowing and walking it starts.  I finished up at 2.0 miles in 25 mins which is a 12;3 avg. with the 3 min walk in between.

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