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My journey back to me.

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W8D2, this stinks....

Posted by dltang Mar 11, 2010

Ok, so usually my stubbornness is an asset when it comes to getting through my runs, but I do believe today was the exception.  After my run on Tuesday, the lateral side of my right ankle was a little sore.  I don't remember tripping or turning it or taking a misstep it just started being sore.  It was sore the rest of the day and all day yesterday as well.  It felt a little better when I had my work boots on, more support I guess.  Well, to day, it was still a bit sore but not as bad, so I decided to go ahead with W8D2, I am so close, I just couldn't imagine not going out and running today.  I have to tell you, it hurt from the get go.  I decided that it was just sore and I could run through it.  There were a couple of times I just wanted to stop and walk and turn back.  A few other times, it got worse and even added a shooting pain up the right calf muscle.  By the time I finished the 28 minutes of running I was really gimping and now it hurt on the bottom of my foot as well. ( Kind of like a perpetual charlie horse cramp across the bottom of my foot.)  For my cool down walk, I was severely limping.  I am home now with ice on it and I have it elevated as well.  I have tried to get up a couple of times and it really hurts to even walk.  I will see what happens if I don't run for the next two days.  I will just swim and bike and see how it goes.  I hope by Sunday at the latest I can finish my W8D3.  If I have to postpone it for the sake of not further injuring myself, that is what I will do.  This just stinks though. 

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Mar 9th. W8D1

Posted by dltang Mar 9, 2010

I did it!  Ran back to back days and added the extra 3 minutes to my run.  I have to be honest here, those extra 3 minutes seemed like an eternity.  But for my 5/28/5 I went 2.65 miles.  I figure that puts me on track for a 40 min 5K if I am running the whole thing, maybe even better.  My pace was a bit faster today and that is good, also my stride is getting better.  I feel like I am starting to actually jog, not just "wog" so that is an improvement there.  When I finished I wanted to get out on my bike again today.  I checked the air in the tires and put on my gear and off I went for a 4.5 mile bike ride.  I finally got my left pedal adjusted so I can clip in and my foot stays but I am still able to get out easy.  It took a few days but it works now.  I still have to get better and faster at clipping in after I have taken my foot out though.  I also have to get used to curves and turns and just stuff I haven't done in a long time on a bike, let alone with my feet attached to the pedals...LOL.  It will come though.  I know one thing, biking uses a whole other set of leg muscles from running and swimming.  It will take a while to build up my legs to where they are really pushing strong.  But I am starting early enough that I should be in pretty good shape come August.  I haven't swam in over a week and I need to get my butt back to the pool.  One thing I find swimming really helps with is my core body muscles.  Those core muscles make a difference in my running too.  I am finding I am getting sore in my sides and lower back muscles rather than leg from the running now.  I know part of it has to do with weak core muscles.  I need to start doing my crunches again.  Not sure why I stopped.  Okay, time to shower and make my recovery smoothie.  Feeling good today.

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Mar. 8th W7D3 finally...

Posted by dltang Mar 8, 2010

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I have been sick.  It really caught up with me.  All I wanted to do was sleep.  I have not run or swam or biked or anything since Mar. 3rd.  Today was beautiful and I am feeling a little better, not great but better.  I finally got out there and finished W7.  I know I am supposed to rest between run days but I think I am going to get W8D1 started tomorrow.  I need to get back on track.  Week 8 looks like this:

Week 8
  • 5 minute Warm Up Walk
  • 28 minute jog
  • 5 minute Cool Down Walk
So it is only 3 minutes longer on the runs that I have been doing.  I am pretty sure I can handle it.  Today I actually felt pretty good most of the way.  I could have even run longer.  Still moving pretty slow, but steady.  I think it would be a lot nicer when I don't have this congestion in my chest, I am sure.  When I got back, I then went out for a very short bike ride.  I don't want to overdo it but I want to get a little bit of everything in.  I only went 4 miles and I realized I went from having my left pedal too tight and hard to get out of to having it too loose and I step out of it too easily.  I did some more adjusting and we will see when I take it out for a short ride again tomorrow.  I am going to keep my rides short I think for the rest of March while I am still finishing my C25K program.  Probably 5 miles or less.  Then in April, I will pick it up and start looking at 8-10 mile rides and maybe one longer one at the end of each week.  Once C25K is done, I have to get myself on a nice little schedule.  Of course with my work schedule changing all the time, this could be kind of difficult.
Now, about this weekend.  I really blew off healthy all together.  Both Saturday and Sunday, I ate junk and ate like a pig.  Needless to say, I will not be getting on the scale for a few days.  I do not want to know the damage.  But I am not going to let it stop me from continuing my goal and my efforts.  I used to do that in the past and I need to change that habit.  I am going to treat it like a vacation from eating right rather than cheating.  I am back to work now and that is what counts.  I have come to far and too far to go to give it al up.
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    Mar. 3rd W7D2

    Posted by dltang Mar 3, 2010

    I am sick and have a cough, sore throat, stuffed head and most probably a sinus infection.  I did not let it stop me.  I did my run.  I was surprised, I felt pretty strong today, I actually thought I went farther in my time than before.  But according to my Nike+ I didn't go any farther.  I guess the fact that I finished and felt pretty good is what is important.  I was a little slow on the start up but felt really good once I got over Maple Mountain.  Maybe I have to start increasing my stride length a bit.  Maybe that will help me speed up a little bit.  I am glad I got my run in today, but I still feel like crap.  Trying to get some rest.

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    Today was supposed to be a swim day but my sinus infection just about knocked me out.  I took some DayCare and fell back asleep in the chair for a few hours.  I finally got up about 11:30 am and fixed some breakfast and prepared some things for lunch and dinner.  I was starting to feel human so I decided to put the clipless pedals on my bike and head out.  I need to loosen the one pedal, I thought I was going to fall over coming to the first stop sign, I couldn't get my foot out of the pedal.  Anyway, I got it figured out and off I went.  I took a 4.65 mile ride.  Not a long one mind you but something to get me started.  I am not finding new muscles again.  You would think with swimming and running my legs would be getting stronger.  I have to tell you, I have discovered my quads like you wouldn't believe.  Now it is time to shower up and take some more meds so I can feel human at work tonight.  I am beat, but kind of in a good way.

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    W7D1, I made it!!

    Posted by dltang Mar 1, 2010

    It's official, that slight incline on Maple Rd., just east of Vassar, is now know as Maple Mountain.  Week 7 is like Groundhog Day of W6D3.  Each of the 3 days is 5 min warm up and a 25 min run with a 5 min cool down.  Today I started out strong, then felt like I wanted to throw up, then wondered why I can't just walk and then finished with a bang.  This is such a roller coaster for me.  I wish the whole 25 minute run was just easy.  I am sure that will come with time and the only thing that keeps me going is pure determination.  I just plain refuse to quit.  I do believe I am on track for my 40 min 5K though and that is my goal.  I went 2.35 miles today in 35 minutes and 10 of those minutes were the warm up and cool down walk.  According to my NIke+ that puts me at a 15:01 mile.  If I was jogging the whole thing I think I could shave that down to 13 minute miles.  One thing at a time I suppose.  Get to the point where you are running the whole 5k without any walking and then worry about how fast you are doing it.


    Oh yeah, my March 1st weigh in, 221lbs.  Yeah!!  I was hoping for 220 but I think after being on that 224 plateau for so long, I am ready to drop a few pounds again.  I am really kicking it in gear with my eating and have discovered the magic of Chia seeds.  Thank you so much Suzi, they can be used for so much more than that pudding you made me.  I am having a lot of fun with them.


    Now it is out for a short bike ride.  I mean the sun is shining and it is a whopping 31 degrees and the roads are clear.  I have to go for a spin.  That bike is just aching to be ridden.

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    Finally finished Week 6

    Posted by dltang Feb 27, 2010

    This was the world's longest week. Work dragged out, I felt like I was never going to get back on track with my runs, and I was just plain tired.  I just got back from W6D3, the dreaded 25 minute run.  I did it.  I felt really strong at some points and even though I went slow, I never really felt like I wanted to stop and that is really great news.  I got back and had some Chia pudding.  So I swam today and ran and I feel pretty good.  Now I have to vacuum and pick up the house.  Then to bed early so I can be in Livingston County dispatch in the morning for an observation shift before my interview.

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    Feb. 27th

    Posted by dltang Feb 27, 2010

    Well, I didn't go running last night like I wanted too.  It was snowing again and the roads were icy and I just didn't want to take a chance at falling again.  Also, I was just plain old tired.  I am going swimming here shortly and hopefully later today, I will get out there for my W6D3 run and then get back on track.


    I just couldn't stand it any more, I got on the scale this morning.  Good news, I lost one pound.  Bad news, I lost one pound.  I have been working like crazy and eating well and grrr.  I know realistically, it is going to be better for me to lose the weight slowly but I want it off now!!

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    Okay, today I woke up early.  I couldn't sleep so I finally got my but out of bed and got some breakfast and headed out for W6D2.  It was tough at first in the first 10 minute run but I actually felt strong in the end of the second 10 minute run.  You know it is kind of funny, there is this one incline that I am running on and if I were driving in a car, I probably wouldn't even notice it, but man when I am on the home stretch of my job, it seems like a mountain.  Anyway, it was a success and I think I may have worked up more of a sweat than the other runs so far.  I am going to try to get back on schedule so I may try my W6D3 tomorrow night after work at 11:30pm.  It is just easier for me to run on Sun/Tu/Th.  I will be swimming on Monday and Sat.  And oh yeah, if this snow leaves, I will be riding my brand new bike on Wed. and Fridays.  I will probably do some additional bike riding too, just because I really enjoy riding my bike.  I brought it home today and it was freezing but I took it out for a short spin.  I need to ride in bike shorts until I get used to the skinny seat again and that is with my improved seat I bought with the bike.  I am so excited about getting going into a real strong routine.  I will probably take the pedals off and give the clipless pedals another shot.  I tried them before but I am more properly fitted for this bike so I will give them another chance.  I just hope I don't fall and kill myself and scratch up my new bike.  I will set them pretty loose to start, just so I can get out easily and quickly if need be.

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    Feb. 24th

    Posted by dltang Feb 24, 2010

    Today was a day of rest but I continued to eat healthy.  I am pretty excited about getting up for my run in the morning.  I am even more excited about going to pick up my bike after the run.  I hope I get home in time to take it for a spin.  If the roads are clear that is.  I don't want to crash first thing.  As the roads clear and the weather gets nicer, I am going to have to incorporate some riding time into my workouts.  I really am looking forward to it too.


    Then I want to get to the health food store and get the ingredients for Chia Pudding, man oh man was that good.  It will be like eating dessert whenever I want, and healthy too.  Oh yeah.  I love it as I find more foods that I can eat and that I like and that are good for me.


    I'll check in again tomorrow after my run.

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    I got back into the mode today and it feels great.  I did my W6D1 run and at first I thought this is too much.  Don't ever take 4 days in a row off from running again.  The first 5 minutes run was a real struggle.  When I got to the 8 minute run, I was doing pretty good.  When I got to the final 5 minute run, I actually felt strong.  I did slip on the ice on my final walk home, this was after the actual workout, I was only about 500 ft from the house and bam!, I even hit my head, it hurt pretty good.  I am glad I had a hoodie and a hat on, I think it lessened the blow.  I came home took some aspirin, (which is actually stupid if I had a bleed) but I didn't want to get a sore neck or a headache.  Then I changed my clothes and decided to go for a short swim.  I don't want to be behind in my workouts.  So off to the pool I went.  Only swam laps for about 15 minutes then went and soaked in the hot tub and sat in the dry sauna.  Just enough to get in some basic drills and some extra exercise.


    When I got home I made myself a wonderful recovery smoothie of banana, strawberry, pineapple, light vanilla soy milk and vegetable juice, mixed it with hemp protein and bee pollen and flax seed oil.  It was great!  Then I needed some more dressing for my tuna wraps, so I had to make up some more of the Mock Tuna Salad dressing.  I had to half everything though, as I was almost out of coconut water.  I decided to try something different.  I added one avocado to make it more creamy like mayo and it worked.  It still tasted great but with a creamier consistency.  Playing with these recipes is actually a lot of fun.  I have more chicken jerky in the dehydrator as we speak, it will probably be done in about an hour or less.  Yum!!


    To top of this day, I got a call from our County Central Dispatch to come in for an interview.  I am so excited, the next step into hopefully a much better paying job.  This will be an excellent career move.  I am so very excited.  It is schedule for March 4th which is Brian's birthday. 


    So, as you can see, this is a wonderful day today, I feel full of life and full of energy and I thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for all the strength he gives me.

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    This was a mistake, skipping days.  I need to make myself come here everyday, even if it it just to check in.  I have been real lax the last few days, no exercise, eating whatever and just kind of being lazy.  I shouldn't say eating whatever, because that is not quite right.  Just not as good as I have been and so if feels worse than it is.  I haven't gotten on the scales, as I promised myself, which is probably a good thing right now.  I will get on them on March 1st and see what damage I either have done or if I actually shed some more pounds.  Tomorrow, I am going to attempt to both run and swim to make up for my poor efforts on Sunday night and today.  I do kind of have the snow to blame today, but I could have gone and swam.  We will see how it goes.  I most definitely need to get my run in though.  Week 6 will be getting away from me before I know it if I don't do something quick.


    I have eaten well today and feel pretty good, getting up and vacuuming the house and cleaning up the kitchen actually helped.  I know that sounds so weird, but if my house gets clean, I feel a kick in the pants for everything else.


    I have been sitting here thinking of some healthy desserts to fix and keep in the refrigerator or freezer for myself and I have decided to try this.  I am going to blend some banana's with avocados, some cocoa powder, chocolate nibs, honey and blue agave and see how it turns out.  I have to play.  I am also going to dehydrate some more chicken and turkey, what great tasting healthy snacks for Brian and me to munch on.


    Well, I will write more tomorrow after I see how all this goes.

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    Feb. 19th, A day off!

    Posted by dltang Feb 19, 2010

    Normally I would have gone swimming this morning but Brian has to leave for work by 10:30 am so I stayed home today.  I will swim tomorrow so that I do not skip my second swim of the week.  This gives my body a whole extra rest day too.  I start Week 6 on Sunday and I want to be ready for it.  I also have to start thinking about what kinds of food I am going to prepare for next weeks meals.  So much to consider now before I go to the grocery store.  It is a lot more work but I can see how it will become easier.  By the way, my dehydrated fruit turned out great.  I probably could have let it go a little longer, it is kind of sticky but oh so very good, especially the pineapple.  Trying to make up smart snack food to have around the house.  So I will probably become a dehydrating fool for a bit.  It is fun though.


    I didn't get on the scales this morning and that is a major step for me.  Now to just keep at it and keep myself from sneaking a peak.  I really want to make sure my next time on that vicious monster is March 1st.   I know there are so many ways to measure progress and the scale is probably one of the worst but it is an indicator and one that is easy to use.  I really should take my measurements and write those down.  That is what really counts.  I should have done that back when I first started and I probably would have been a lot happier.  I do already notice a change in how my uniform pants fit and some of my jeans too.  So my body is changing and I believe for the better.


    I am hoping for an income tax refund soon.  I want to get my bike so bad.  The roads are clear and I could be riding.  Okay, in reality I could be riding now too as I do have a perfectly good bike in the garage.  I just need Brian to get it down for me.  I am just kind of like a kid, I really want this new bike.


    Well, gotta get ready for work.  I think things are going good there, I had part of my talk with my boss that I wanted to have and he was very receptive.  I think I may be getting a raise and part of my cell phone paid for.  Nothing concrete at this time but he is asking questions that lead me to believe that is the route he is taking.  That will make me feel good right there.

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    Feb. 18th, Much better.

    Posted by dltang Feb 18, 2010

    I woke up feeling a lot better today, not sure why, maybe because I am back on my normal schedule without a lot of rushing around to do.  I ate my breakfast and then waiting for 45 minutes before going out and attempting W5D3.  Today constituted of a 5 minute warm up walk as 20 minute run and a 5 minute cool down.  Guess what, I did it.  It wasn't pretty but I didn't quit either.  There were times, when walking seemed like a good idea but I just knew I had to keep going.  I did have moments of getting into a running mode, where it seemed natural and fluid.  I need to make those moments last longer.  It will make the whole running experience more enjoyable I am sure.  Now I can prepare for Week 6, this is what it looks like:

    Week 6 - This is another week with three different workouts.  One for each day:

    Workout 1:
    • 5 minute Warm Up Walk
    • 5 minute jog
    • 3 minute walk
    • 8 minute jog
    • 3 minute walk
    • 5 minute jog
    • 5 minute Cool Down Walk
      Workout 2:
      • 5 minute Warm Up Walk
      • 10 minute jog
      • 3 minute walk
      • 10 minute jog
      • 5 minute Cool Down Walk
      Workout 3:
      • 5 minute Warm Up Walk
      • 25 minute jog
      • 5 minute Cool Down Walk
      Once again, the third day is a challenge. but one to look forward to.  I think right now, the pace of my actual runs works out to about 40 minutes for a 5K.  By April 3rd I hope to have it so that I can run the 5K in under 40 but if I don't I am not going to beat myself up, I just want to finish without stopping.  Right now in my workouts I haven't even gone a full 3 miles except for one day walking.  I need to build up to that for sure.  I have some time between the end of this C25K and my 5K run that I can throw some of my own runs in there as well.
      On another note, I have a confession to make, last night my relief came into work with a pizza and breadsticks, I had a piece of pizza and two of the cheese breadsticks and they were good!!  I really needed that I think, now today I feel I can get back on my bandwagon and off the pity train.  I would like to try not to get on the scales until the 28th of Feb but I don't know if I can do that.  I am truly addicted to checking on my weight once I set my mind to losing weight.  When I don't care I go for months not getting on the scale and that is part of the reason I gain so much weight, I am not monitoring it.  I have to keep myself in check.  but that is going to be my goal for the remainder of Feb., not to weigh myself.  I only hope I am pleasantly surprised when I get on the scale come March 1st.
      Now I am off to dehydrate some fruit for snacks.  I also want to enjoy this beautiful day the God provided with sunshine and all.  I am even going to ride my spyder to work today.
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      Feb. 17th, BLAH!!!

      Posted by dltang Feb 17, 2010

      BLAH!! That is how I feel today.  Just a little off kilter.  Nothing really wrong but nothing really right.  I am still frustrated about my weight but I guess in reality, I know that will come along in time.  I am just so anxious to hurry up and be in shape and lose weight.  I know, I know it is a process, I hate this process.  Today was a total rest day, I didn't run, or any form of exercise at all.  I had my women's group at church and then had to be to work early.  Then my boss didn't even show up for the meeting I had scheduled, the only good thing was I was allowed to punch in and get a few hours of OT.


      Back to what this is all about though.  Tomorrow, I have W5D3 and it has a 20 minute run.  I am slightly excited and slightly apprehensive all at the same time.  I know I will do it but I just don't want to die doing it...LOL.  I will just pace myself and not try to go to fast.  The best thing I could do in the morning is eat right away.  That solves two problems.  It gets me fueled up before my run, which I need.  And it will prevent me from getting on the scales.  I refuse to get on the scale after I've eaten anything.  Just a weird quirk of mine I guess.  If I could stay off until Saturday, maybe, just maybe I would see some results.


      Food, I hate it and love it all at the same time.  I have to figure out what I am going to get at the grocery store this week.  I need to find things easy to make and healthy.  I am really liking the ease of smoothies right now.  I make them with mostly fruit.  I also have a lot of fruit I need to get in the dehydrator.  I just have been so rushed all week.  I hate this and I am sure that is part of why I feel so blah.  I like to get up and do things in my time.  I am not going to let this beat me though.  That is why I have to write in this blog every day, even if I don't feel like it.  I really want to thank my friend Suzi for all her encouragement too.  She reads my blog and sends me great email.  If you are reading this Suzi, it really means a lot to me.

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