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Miami Ink a life changer?

Posted by firedog75 on Oct 17, 2007 8:39:00 PM

in late july i was weighing in at 200 and i am just barely 5'9. i was a nicotine addict (smokeless), and ate whatever i wanted whenever i wanted. the most important thing is that i was not happy with myself and i felt like crap. i'm a fireman, and when your out of shape, it really sucks. your not an asset when it hits the fan, you are a liability. i was sitting on my couch one night with my wife watching miami ink. this chick was getting some kind of tatto i dont really remember what. she had cancer and this kid had had it tough. there i was sitting on my butt with a great big chew in. she reminded me of the strength that my grandma had when she was going through breast cancer, and it really got to me. needless to say that july night was the last time i have had any tobacco. i stopped it cold turkey, i had used it for 10 years. i felt like a moron more than anything. i got online and got on the livestrong website. i have a ton of respect of lance armstrong. most pros talk about themselves and spend there time making money for themselves. well lance does the opposite. i ordered a pack of ten wrist bands, they came in and i slapped one on. its been almost 90 days and i did it. still no nasty dip. not to mention it makes you look like a redneck.


After i got the old braclet i decided to go out and get a bike, trying to figure out what exactly i need was more than a chore. i had rode mountain before, but i had never ridden a rode bike, and more importantly i had no idea what i was getting into. a stop into the old local bike shop and i was rolling out there with a trek 1200 with clipon pedals and everything i needed. i thought. i found the local riding spot that was close the house. rode a few times and decided hey im great at this, i love it. i got on the net and found out when the local bike club was doing the next club ride. non members can ride with them and check it out. i was nervous. i got there 30 min before the ride started. i have been i quite a few situations where i felt awkward, but i it was bad. maybe it was the fact that out of 50 riders, i diddnt have a bikerack for my car, or i was the only one without a jersey. i learned more about myself in the next hour than i had since maybe basic training. talk about a supersized slice of humble pie being served right at ya, humble pie and embarasment. i diddnt finish out the complete ride, i was with the group long enough to piss everyone off behind me and beside me. i diddnt know the edicate. when it comes to group ridding. i got passed by a 85 yr old man on a sweet cervelo. After that i realized it was to get a hold of some things and have some self control. I stopped eating burgers, i might have one next july... maybe, stopped drinking soda, even diet, stopped for the most part eating sweets, no more snacks between meals, and started going to bed at a decent hour. almost 3 months later im 20 pounds lighter, feeling great, and happy about myself. i am thinking about doing tris, i have forgotten that i once you get the edge off running isnt that bad. cant swim, but i think that i a bridge that i am going to have to cross. i will write some more in a few days.



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