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Running is addictive

Posted by gmadenise on Feb 25, 2011 3:16:30 PM

No one told me when I started the Couch to 5K plan last year that running could become an addiction. I'm not sure I would have believed them if they had, truthfully. When I started, 'running' even one minute at a time was incredibly difficult. Going for 5 minutes straight? That felt like a big deal, and when I looked at week 5, day 3, and saw the '20 minute monster' that awaited me, well, let's just say I was not in a rush to try it. When I did conquer it, though, the feeling was amazing--sure, I was still really slow, but I did it, I ran for 20 minutes without stopping! I finally began to believe that I just might make it through the whole C25K program. I was hooked.


Each milestone along the way--running 20 minutes, 25 minutes, 30 minutes, a 5K--has fed the addiction and deepened it. I want to run every day, not just three or four days a week; it takes discipline to give my body a rest day at least once a week. I read about a man who has run every day for 3400+ days, and he's part of a group where the top people in the group have run every day for 40+ years. Now that's a serious addiction.


Along with the addiction to running comes the addiction to running gear and clothes. I have more running clothes and shirts from races now than I really need, yet I can't help looking at all the cool, new stuff. I have a Garmin, and a Nike+, and apps on my phone for running. I have a spreadsheet and website accounts where I track miles, speed, etc. I have websites bookmarked and blogs about running that I subscribe to and read regularly. I am forever checking out what races are in my area to see which I might want to do, even though I've already noted and/or registered for at least one a month through July/August.


Yeah, I have an addiction. I can't wait to get out there and feed it some more. That first half marathon is squarely in my sights now--17 weeks and counting, I have some miles to get out and run still!

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