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Rachel Chai and I are sitting in an outside plaza of Los Angeles's small Tokyo. It's an overcast Saturday afternoon. I, in undoubtedly terrible journalistic form, ordered a bowl of medium-spicy chashu ramen, and I'm carrying out my most beneficial to slurp apart although in  wow gold    the mic so as to not risk obscuring element belonging in the direction of the conversation. every solo moment in time is crucial with her, as she deftly navigates from the solo subject to an extra without owning so a excellent offer like a sentence break. Later, when I transcribe this interview, I should be eternally grateful that people went to lunch, as every solo pause for air or food could possibly be considered a tiny opportunity for me to collect my thoughts. At just 21 many years old,  cheap wow gold  Rachel could possibly be considered a veteran woman gamer, and her insights to the male-dominated world of movement image suits are something I don't desire to lose - even if it signifies my ramen receives cold.

She sits back again in her chair although we dance by making use of the awkward small converse that precedes the genuine job interview stuff. She's just possibly ffxiv gil  only a tiny taller than average, placing on jeans as well as a gray tank best that appears comfortably casual, and her lighting complexion and dim brown, highlighted frizzy hair betray her half Korean, half German genetic ancestry. I make an effort to subtly nudge her into speaking  buy wow gold  concerning the fascinating stuff; namely, her time operating at Gamestop (six weeks in two distinctive locations). She wastes no time.

"All my genuine hardcore gamer good friends have been girls," she tells me. "We utilized to sit near to and hold out every one of the time. At Gamestop, i experienced been the only just one operating there. That was frickin' weird. I'd get strike on like mad if i  wow gold

  experienced been placing on something cute to work. They'd consistently make an effort to acquire apart with having to purchase less, as well - you know, 'Could you do this for me, just this just one time?' and all that." She pauses to sip her consuming water and continues, "You consistently get all those guys who just wouldn't believe that you simply know anything, so they'd just be like, 'Oh, can I converse in the direction of  cheapest wow gold

  the assistant manager, can I converse to that dude much more than there as opposed to you?' after which they'd be baffled when you, you know, really knew something. everyone was astonished once they found out out I achieved roleplaying suits - 'Do you hold out last Fantasy X? last Fantasy X-2?' - and get astonished when I began listing Illusion of Gaia and  wow gold us


I'm only a tiny surprised, too; not on the names she dropped to create her gaming pedigree, of course. getting on this collection of purpose exhibits you genuinely quickly that there are gamers owning a excellent offer tougher cores than yourself. What struck me was  technology

  the organically grown ease with which she discusses problems of sexism, gender discrimination and Illusion of Gaia without owning stopping to select at her noodle plate. It's just as if dealing with this crap is just as  game news

  a excellent offer a organically grown element of lifestyle as Soulblazer, and that is genuinely a depressing thought.

She should have observed the conversation's sudden mood swing, for she quickly switches tales to some slightly a excellent offer more upbeat anecdote. buy wow gold  "This 18-year-old child utilized to can be found as a excellent offer as me and ask for me, 'What do you think about very Mario RPG?' so although I worked we'd sit there and converse about role-playing suits and stuff. after which when we have been closing, I essentially experienced to shove him out the door,  wow ruler

and he inquired me if I preferred to ascertain a movement image some time," she says. "I was thinking, 'Awww, you're cute, okay?' I ended up actively playing Smash siblings at his home and kicking his ***."


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Not long ago I asked about rebate wow gold defray the scaling regarding SLI on a p55 board (with the second PCIe slot limited to x8). While I received some informative answers and narrowed down my options, I've been reading quite a bit and am still puzzled as to what route is best. So I'm going to ask outright, which option is best overall? 5870 vs 460 SLI?


I use my computer mostly to play WoW, though it's noteworthy to say that I like to have multiple things running in the background and want to max out every single setting to the best possible graphics and still get solid framerates save perhaps in Dalaran. (looking for 60fps in a 25man raid and still remain stable in crowded areas) I currently have a Radeon HD 5770 and it's just not cutting it. I also want to play Starcraft 2 and eventually The Old Republic.


Looking to spend around $400 on the card(s), and I'm 8800 buy wow gold run deciding between an XFX HD 5870 ($400 at Microcenter) or getting dual Gigabyte 1gb GTX460 and OC'ing them (~$460 on newegg). To my understanding the GTX460 SLI setup has great scaling and completely beats the HD5870 90% of the time when it comes to performance.


However, I've also heard however that WoW doesn't like SLI and wont perform any better with two cards than it will with one. Essentially meaning that for WoW it comes down to 1 GTX 460 vs 1 HD5870 which case the radeon money cheap wow gold purchase wins. All info is appreciated. Bear in mind this is to max all settings for hte best possible graphics, I realize how processor intensive WoW is which is why I plan to OC my CPU as well.


System: Core i7 860, 8GB OCZ Platinum DDR3 PC12800, Intel DP55WG mobo, 1TB WD Caviar Black, 650W Antec Earthwatts PSU. With the new card I'm also adding an OCZ Agility 2 as a boot drive and a new cooler to OC the CPU.

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