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Fashion Varsity Jackets Fashion Life

Posted by harryaa on Oct 12, 2011 1:12:14 AM

Varsity jackets now are becoming more and more popular by young guys.

High school fashions these days are all about revealing your identity to the world, growing up and making a statement about who you are and what you stand for. There are certain looks which go in and out of fashion and, as you know, fashions change all the time.

One unmistakeable style is that of the rocker. If you love rock music and can be seen strolling through the corridors nodding in time with your i-pod, sporting massive headphones and an optional musical instrument (preferably not a recorder), the odds are that you are a rocker. The rocker look usually features shirts (often in black) declaring the name of your favorite band or singer and a selection of studded trinkets (silver or black leather tend to be popular choices). Your passion for the music should be evident in the way you talk and in every aspect of your outfit.

Another favorite is the jock. If you don your varsity team jacket, you are a walking advertisement for the high school but this look also makes you look like you are in a school sports team. Of course, you might not actually be in the team any more but that isn't important. Varsity team jackets can be large and garish and can hide a multitude of sinfully bad clothing underneath.

There are many Goths around these days too. Goth fashion is all about the color black and we're not just talking about clothing here - black eyeliner (preferable very heavily applied), black lipstick and black accessories indicate your individuality. There are usually groups of Goths found together rather than individual ones but that is beside the point. Goths tend to smile rarely and laugh even less. They enjoy expressing their misery and boredom.

Geeks and nerds are another breed commonly found in High Schools but being a geek is different these days to what it was before. Computers used to be thought of as nerdy and boring but nowadays, with all the cool games flooding the market and the internet being so popular, it is often 'hip to be square' as the song goes. A nerd is supposed to look like he or she is so engrossed in everything computer-related that they throw on any old mismatching clothes. A t shirt (ironed with military precision by the geek's mother) bearing a strange slogan comprehensible only to fellow nerds completes the look. A true geek cannot grasp fashion.

If you are crazy about the latest trends and have plenty of dollars at your disposal to allow you to keep up to date, the fashionista look is another choice. You have to be up to the minute about what is hot, what is out and preferably what is very soon going to be hot. You need to spend a lot of time in malls and cultivate your reputation as the first to don new, trendy outfits. Your ultimate aim is to be the pinnacle of fashion in your school and set the trend for other wannabe fashionistas but beware; any error in your fashion judgement can be catastrophic for your fashionista reputation.

These are just a few of the fashions you can see in high schools today. There are many others and many variations and hybrids. Take a look at high school kids today to see what fashions are tending to prevail. It is usually an eye-opener.

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