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My First 21k Run

Posted by hefte Nov 5, 2009

So I'm not really a serious runner, biking has been my number one sport but when my friends insisted that we would join an Iron Man triathlon next season, I really had to prepare well. We then planned out our training regime. My girlfriend said that I should hire a personal trainer. A suggestion which I did not bother to think about because the people in our neighborhood that I know whom hired a trainer were either two men living together or housewives which lay around all day while their husbands make the big bucks and hit on attractive secretaries month after month.


I started to choose which of the three divisions I would concentrate on first. Of course I would be leaving the biking stuff for later because that would be the easiest for me. Swimming should be fun but the weather's pretty cold so I decided to run first.


3k was my first run and all my friends made fun of me. I told them that I take things at a slow pace so I really don't care what they say. I've participated in three runs and decided that I should go 10k. There was this essay I read in a forum about Chi running and it really got my attention which made me purchase the book and has never left my side day and night. The day of my first 10k came and I did not find any difficulty in that run, as a matter of fact I even took three more laps around our neighborhood park after crossing the finish line. unlike my friends who go straight to their naps after running the same distance. This week will be my first 21 k run and I'm really looking forward to it.

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