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Thinking of creating a "blog" for my personal use seemed like a good idea until I started the process.  While it isn't hard, it does seem a bit scary.  To think people all over the internet, all over the world could potentially read my blog and respond.  What if they don't like what I have to say?  What if they criticize me...  But I can't let that deter me from contributing to the world and maybe making a very small difference.  I am not going to delude myself into thinking I will actually change anything, but perhaps I can change myself.


I am a mom of 2 beautiful children (though I am biased) and live in South Miami, Florida.  I moved her 9 years ago from HOT Phoenix Arizona.  I love Arizona and wasn't looking forward to the change, especially when it came to exercise.  I am hiker by nature.  Mountains, wooded hills, desert trails... these are the areas I am used to.  Miami was foreign to me.  What will I do for exercise?  How will I lose the baby weight?  I am a desert rat, I can't swim.  Biking, running... YUCK!


After 2 kids and plenty of weight, I decided something had to change and clearly it was ME!  I started running and I was terrible at it. I couldn't run up the block.  But I kept at it and eventually I ran up the block and around the corner.  Then down the street and around the block.  Then 3 miles, 6 miles, 13 miles.... Before I knew it, I was a marathoner.  What an amazing experience!


Now my passion is running.  I run regularly with a group of women and we are training for various local races.  We have recently gotten into destination marathons and completed Las Vegas full in 2010.  I PR'd by 12 minutes...  MAN, what a great feeling!!!  We are planning Napa in 2012.  So much to look forward too.


But running is only one key to my life.  One area to help maintain my health and happiness.  I also host an organic cooperative.  I have been a host for 3 years and recently moved to a new provider.  WOW, what a difference it makes to eat fresh, organic produce.  Whole foods is great, but who can afford that on a regular basis.  I know how important organic fruits and veggies are for me and my family, but I just can't afford to buy them on a daily basis and my kids eat a lot of fruit and veggies.  Once I started eating organic produce provided by the coop, I couldn't believe the difference in my diet.  I cook more, which my husband loves, we all trimmed down and my children weren't always hopped up on sugar.  I really feel like I am doing the best things I can for myself and my family.


Now I hope to share those things with others by sharing ideas, tips, tricks, suggestions... whatever!  I welcome feedback and look forward to meeting other people who have the same philosophy's that I have.


So my first tip, for my first blog is to check out Endlessly Organic.  If you are in South Florida, this is the best place to get organic fruits and veggies! They have a Facebook page and website with a monthly newsletter.  They offer, not just organic fruits, veggies and free-range eggs, but useful information for staying healthy.  And tons of recipes!

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Running, pilates, yoga, organics, and a general sense of healthy alternatives to the everyday. Finding like minded people in the South Miami area.

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