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Completely to be at the moment

Posted by huyaoier Oct 11, 2011

Completely to be at the momentDo you have pressure? You busy north face jackets toward the future, but the future is now as a means to achieve? Pressure from the people to here, where the heart; or people in the present, caused by the heart in the future. It is to your inner divided into two cracks. Create and live in this period is split in the wild. The fact that we all do, and it did not reduce the madness. When necessary, you can speed up your walk, with the speed. Even with the run. Not resist the moment, not to project yourself into the future. Walk, work, or running, when completely done. Enjoy the energy flow and enjoy the moment of high energy. You do not have the pressure, and no internal split. Leaving only the walk, work, running - and enjoy. Or whether this set, just sitting on a park bench. When sitting alone, watching your mind. It may be said: You should uggs outlet work, you're wasting time. Observing it. Laughed. Of whether you occupy considerable attention? Do you often talk about it, think about it? Whether you positive, negative, whether you. Albert achievements you have had your adventures or experiences, or stories of your victims, and others to impose your evil, you may be imposed on others? Your mind is in the process of creating guilt, pride, Yuan Zeng, anger, regret or self-pity? So, you not only strengthen a false sense of self, but also accumulated in the mind through the past, and to accelerate the body's aging process. Observing those around you seize hold of the past who can get confirmed. All the time to die in the past, you do not need it. And now it only when it is absolutely related to reference it. Current strength and body feel successful and props. Feel your presence. Do you sorrow? If you have a lot of ideas? And that if you're in a fantasy projection of his own future scenarios, and create fear of the mental recognition. You simply can not cope with such a situation, because it does not exist. It is a psychological ghost. Simply acknowledge the present moment, we can prevent this corrosion frenzied life and health. Aware of your breathing. Feel the air in and out of your body. Feel your inner energy field. In real life you are bound to want to rule, to deal with - on the stand imagination, mental projection - is the present moment. The moment where you ask yourself what is the problem, not next cheap ugg year, tomorrow, or five minutes later. At this moment there is something wrong? You can always cope with the moment, but you can never cope with the future - is also unnecessary. Answer to the future, power, right action, or resources, and when you need a timely, not before, not after. .dwy

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This pattern has scientific evidence?When the challenge comes - this is common north face apex sense - you have to habitually immediate access to the internal, and do your best to focus the energy in the body, including the court. The whole process only a few seconds only. But you need to challenge at the time appeared to do so. Slightly delayed, a restricted psychological emotional response, it will swoop in to take over you. When you focus on the inner, feel your inner body, you will be in the same sense of withdrawal from the mind immediately becomes quiet and presence. If the situation requires you to do that reaction, your response will come from this deeper level. Inside your body like the sun, as supreme wisdom, than the mind of the candle do not know where. Whenever you have a conscious link with the inner body, you like a tree rooted in the earth, or a solid foundation for building the same. The house analogy, Jesus was used. Unfortunately, this fable, but was widely misunderstood. He said that two people are in the house. One of them covered in sand without foundation, the house in the storm floods the next collapse. Yet another person dig deep into the surface soil under the base of the rock, so after a flood of red attack firms. This exercise in physical Another christian louboutin outlet advantage is that: When you entered the body, your immune system will be enhanced. Into the consciousness of your body the more the immune system will be stronger. Each cell is like a wake to celebrate the same. Love your body the attention. This is also a great potential of self-therapy. Most diseases are not in your presence when the swoop of the body. The owner was not at home when the outsiders and so will be part of everyday dove over the magpie's nest. When you entered his body, it is difficult intruded uninvited guestBe enhanced not only of your physical immune system: your heart's immune system has been greatly enhanced. Which can protect you from other people with a highly contagious negative psychological - emotional affect. Set up a physical presence is not a shield to protect you; but to improve your overall energy field frequency. For those low-frequency emotions such as: fear, anger, louboutin shoes frustration, etc., exist only in a different sequence of virtual reality where you can no longer enter the field of consciousness. Even in, you do not need to make any resistance, because it will pass through you away. Please do not one that I have to accept or reject the argument. Person to be tested. .dwy

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bstacles to enlightenment are the same men and women do?To go beyond the mind, and body to regai ugg bootsn the deep reality of the link, you need to have the following number of quite different qualities: surrender, not criticism, there is a life not allowed to resist the open nature of the mind with the body of Mercy. All these qualities are almost in the female principle. Heart Smart hard and just, and the physical both soft and bent, the power of more than minds. Mind dominated human civilization, while the body is in charge of the Earth and all living beings beyond Earth. Body is the supreme wisdom, it is a tangible display of the physical universe. Although women in the potential on the closer body, men are able to enter the body from its own intrinsic Today's trend, the vast majority of men and women are still under the control of the mind: the thinking and the pain-body identity. This of course is the main reason for impeding enlightenment and love. In general, the main obstacle is the mind of men; Mind is the main obstacle to the pain-body, but in some cases the situation is just the opposite, there are two factors comparable to the situation. The pain-body is usually divided into collective and individual levels. The individual level refers to an individual to bear the emotional pain from the past, burdened with the residual polymer; collective level refers to the collective human mind for thousands of years after the disease, abuse, war, murder, torture, madness, etc. tired of the pain together. Everyone's north face outlet pain-body, also participated in the collective suffering of the human body part. Collective pain-body has different origins. For example, in some conflict and violence of extreme ethnic or national, their pain-body will be seriously than other racial or national. Any of a stronger pain-body of individuals, if there is not enough awareness, evacuation and its identity, not only continuously or periodically in the case forced the release of emotional pain, will easily become violent perpetrators or victims, depending on the pain-body is active or latent period may be. From another angle, the more they are enlightened potential. Of course, this potential will not necessarily get to play, but a person caught in the nightmare, trapped in the general than a dream in the ups and downs of the awakening of people have a stronger motivation.In addition to the suffering of individuals beyond the flesh, every woman will share our collective women described the pain-body - unless she is completely in awareness. This includes thousands of women to men through the client in, through slavery, exploitation, rape, production, loss of children, etc., come together to bear the pain of tired. Many women before the onset of menstruation or at the same time, the feeling of emotional or physical pain, the pain-body is facing a collective north face on saleawakening dormant at the time from the moment, although it may also be triggered at other times. Non-life pain-body can freely flow in the body, while the wave period is life in physical manifestation. We will be explored in this regard, in order to understand how it can become an opportunity for enlightenment. .dwy

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But this person has no control over the power of your inner stateSo you have autonomy - and no longernorth face sale subject to others, and no longer be controlled by the mind. Whether the car horn, a rude person, a flood, earthquake, or bankrupt, are the same resistance mechani I have been doing meditation, also participated in workshops, spiritual books also read a lot. I try not to resist in the state, but, if you ask me have not found a real and sustained inner peace, I will answer you honestly do not. Why am I still can not find? What can I do? You are still outsiders Chi, you find impossible to escape the seek mode. Perhaps the next workshop with my answer, maybe that new Famennian useful. I want to advise you of the words: Do not look for peace. Do not look for anything other than your present state; otherwise you will only establish his inner conflict and unconscious resistance. Forgive yourself not at peace inside. You do not fully north face for saleaccept their moment of peace, your peace is not as peaceful a transition. To accept what you entirely, it will allow you to reach what will bring you to peace in the. This is the miracle of surrender.You may have heard of two thousand years ago a teacher used the word enlightenment turnakes you play the other side of the cheek. He tried to use the symbol of the way, pass not resist, do not respond secret. All of his teachings, including the above statements, including, concerns only your inner reality, not in your life things, behavior. You know the Bear Mountain Zen Ze Fan's story it? Before he became a great Zen master, with many years of time seeking enlightenment, but enlightenment is always with his passing. Then one day he passed the market butcher shop, meat and overheard a conversation the guests: where you shop the best piece of meat to me. Guests say. I am here to sell all the meat, no one is not the best. Mountain Bear Fan Ze heard these words on the enlightened I can see you waiting for me to explain. When you accept the authentic time - every moment - all the meat. This is enlightenment. This is called compassion it?Yes. Compassion is the awareness between you and the beings there is a deep link. But compassion, or this link, with two facing. On the one hand you in the form of flesh, so also and each and every human beings as subject to the physiognomy of the bad air into the housing. I blurted out the next time you and this person is not common. This sentence, remember you have a lot in common: A few years later - as little as two years, as many as seven years, there is no great difference - the two of you have become a heap of bones, Following the loess cup, then vanished. Realize that some people distraught shy, do not leave any room for louboutin outlet pride. Is that negative thoughts? No, this is a fact. Why not face it? In this sense, you and all beings are completely equal. .dwy

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The nature of compassion

Posted by huyaoier Oct 11, 2011

The nature of compassionBeyond the heart of intelligent opposition, you will become a deep lake. In life outside the territory, and any events are the north face jackets lake. Lake and the integrity of the light cycle changes, sometimes calm and sometimes squally showers. However, the wind pattern lake has always fixed. You are the lake. You do not just lake. If you like you and do not move with the inner depths of the link. You will not because of any situation of craving and resistant to change. Your inner peace does not depend on it. An ontology where you live in - the same, no, the immortal. You are no longer dependent on foreign territory in the form of volatile or seek to achieve happiness. You can enjoy the play, you can do music, you can create new forms, you can appreciate their beauty. But it is not attached to their needs. When you leave out to the point where, when not on the means isolated itJust the opposite. If you feel to know your own body, you will not see the human reality, because you do not find their own reality. Your mind will north face sale produce the form of their joy, evil, love and hate the other. With the exception of their bodies, but also includes their minds. Only when the awareness of the body, the real relationship is possible. When you from the bottom of the body, you will perceive others to the status quo to the body and mind, which is perceived as a screen. And you just for himself, after the screen feel their true reality. So when you face someone else's suffering or unconscious behavior, you will stay with you in the presence in the body links. And then to go beyond the physiognomy, by your own body, feeling each other's bright clean the body. Level in the body, all the knowledge you have been suffering as illusion. Suffer from the physiognomy recognition. The miracle of healing is often triggered by the realization, that is, when the other side, when north face apex ready, by the awakened awareness of their body so that a miracle occurred.Bones of the concept is one of the most powerful spiritual cultivation method. We called the first death of the body died. In-depth view to it. Concept is to break down your body, it is gone. Then think of all the mental concept or idea also followed the form of death. However, you are still there - your divine presence. Bright and completely to awareness. Where will the real death, death is just the name, form, and illusion. Realize this eternal dimension - you really as nature is compassion on the other side. You are now in a deep sense of the level, you not only to recognize that their own immortality, but also through your own immortality, immortal beings to realize the. In the form level, you shared in life and death and impermanence I n ugg boots existence. Level in the body, you share the light of eternal life. This is the mercy of the two levels. That seemingly contradictory sense of sadness and joy into one in the compassion inside, and then was transformed into a deep inner peace. This is God's peace. It is the most noble human sentiments can be developed, it has great treatment and transformation of power. .dwy

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If you both agree that their relationship as a spiritualthen it could not be better. You may well appear in the thoughts north face jackets and feelings just like the other confession time. Thus, they might not create a make or not to express feelings or complain recognized the growth of the time gap. Study the case without your express your feelings. Learn to open and do not listen to each other the way of self-defense. To each other a space to express themselves. To presence. Charges, defense, attack designed to consolidate all of these enforcement or to protect me, or to meet its needs will become redundant. Space to others to their own space - is essential. Without it, love can not grow. When you get rid of the destructive relationship of two factors: the pain-body has been transformed, you are no longer reflect each other's pain and unconscious, and no longer meet each other, the ego needs of the addiction, but each reflects the depths of each other love. With a share of all is the one with the million from the embodiment of love. This is the opposite of love is not If your partner that you have free time, still with the mind and the pain-bodyuggs outlet identity. This symbolizes a major challenge. Not for you, but your partner. With an enlightened person is not easy to get along, or that the ego is easy to find this is a great threat. Remember that the ego needs problems, conflict, and enemies, to strengthen its identity by which a living isolated from the flu. Without that partner's mind will be frustrated, because it no longer attached to the position of confrontation, which means they became untenable, and even appeared together in danger of collapse, which led to the loss of self. Back pain and not the body desires. Dispute, play yards, and conflicting demands are not met. But you have to be careful: some showed indifference, withdrawal, apathy, or cut off feelings, will consider themselves or let others convince that they have become enlightened. Or at least they are right, all in all the wrong cheap ugg partner body. This happens in too many cases where men women. They may, as the female partner is no rational or emotional. But if you can feel your emotions, then, that the underlying emotions inherent in the body at your fingertips. If you still live in the mind, then the distance between the two would not be in dollars, and where you need to bring awareness of the emotional body before you can reach your inner body. Happiness and inner peace between difference?There. Happiness depends on being perceived as a positive feeling you like, inner peace is not We can not only attract positive feeling like the life? If our attitude and thinking Yigai is positive, we will only highlight the positive events and situations, right? You really know the positive and negative in others it? Do you have the whole picture? For many people, the limitations presented in various forms, failure, loss, illness or pain, they have become the best mentor. These adverse events, to teach them to learn to let go of false self-image, and ego goals are arbitrary and superficial desires. These adverse events, giving them depth, humility and compassion. They also shape the more real. dwy

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