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If you both agree that their relationship as a spiritualthen it could not be better. You may well appear in the thoughts north face jackets and feelings just like the other confession time. Thus, they might not create a make or not to express feelings or complain recognized the growth of the time gap. Study the case without your express your feelings. Learn to open and do not listen to each other the way of self-defense. To each other a space to express themselves. To presence. Charges, defense, attack designed to consolidate all of these enforcement or to protect me, or to meet its needs will become redundant. Space to others to their own space - is essential. Without it, love can not grow. When you get rid of the destructive relationship of two factors: the pain-body has been transformed, you are no longer reflect each other's pain and unconscious, and no longer meet each other, the ego needs of the addiction, but each reflects the depths of each other love. With a share of all is the one with the million from the embodiment of love. This is the opposite of love is not If your partner that you have free time, still with the mind and the pain-bodyuggs outlet identity. This symbolizes a major challenge. Not for you, but your partner. With an enlightened person is not easy to get along, or that the ego is easy to find this is a great threat. Remember that the ego needs problems, conflict, and enemies, to strengthen its identity by which a living isolated from the flu. Without that partner's mind will be frustrated, because it no longer attached to the position of confrontation, which means they became untenable, and even appeared together in danger of collapse, which led to the loss of self. Back pain and not the body desires. Dispute, play yards, and conflicting demands are not met. But you have to be careful: some showed indifference, withdrawal, apathy, or cut off feelings, will consider themselves or let others convince that they have become enlightened. Or at least they are right, all in all the wrong cheap ugg partner body. This happens in too many cases where men women. They may, as the female partner is no rational or emotional. But if you can feel your emotions, then, that the underlying emotions inherent in the body at your fingertips. If you still live in the mind, then the distance between the two would not be in dollars, and where you need to bring awareness of the emotional body before you can reach your inner body. Happiness and inner peace between difference?There. Happiness depends on being perceived as a positive feeling you like, inner peace is not We can not only attract positive feeling like the life? If our attitude and thinking Yigai is positive, we will only highlight the positive events and situations, right? You really know the positive and negative in others it? Do you have the whole picture? For many people, the limitations presented in various forms, failure, loss, illness or pain, they have become the best mentor. These adverse events, to teach them to learn to let go of false self-image, and ego goals are arbitrary and superficial desires. These adverse events, giving them depth, humility and compassion. They also shape the more real. dwy

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