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bstacles to enlightenment are the same men and women do?To go beyond the mind, and body to regai ugg bootsn the deep reality of the link, you need to have the following number of quite different qualities: surrender, not criticism, there is a life not allowed to resist the open nature of the mind with the body of Mercy. All these qualities are almost in the female principle. Heart Smart hard and just, and the physical both soft and bent, the power of more than minds. Mind dominated human civilization, while the body is in charge of the Earth and all living beings beyond Earth. Body is the supreme wisdom, it is a tangible display of the physical universe. Although women in the potential on the closer body, men are able to enter the body from its own intrinsic Today's trend, the vast majority of men and women are still under the control of the mind: the thinking and the pain-body identity. This of course is the main reason for impeding enlightenment and love. In general, the main obstacle is the mind of men; Mind is the main obstacle to the pain-body, but in some cases the situation is just the opposite, there are two factors comparable to the situation. The pain-body is usually divided into collective and individual levels. The individual level refers to an individual to bear the emotional pain from the past, burdened with the residual polymer; collective level refers to the collective human mind for thousands of years after the disease, abuse, war, murder, torture, madness, etc. tired of the pain together. Everyone's north face outlet pain-body, also participated in the collective suffering of the human body part. Collective pain-body has different origins. For example, in some conflict and violence of extreme ethnic or national, their pain-body will be seriously than other racial or national. Any of a stronger pain-body of individuals, if there is not enough awareness, evacuation and its identity, not only continuously or periodically in the case forced the release of emotional pain, will easily become violent perpetrators or victims, depending on the pain-body is active or latent period may be. From another angle, the more they are enlightened potential. Of course, this potential will not necessarily get to play, but a person caught in the nightmare, trapped in the general than a dream in the ups and downs of the awakening of people have a stronger motivation.In addition to the suffering of individuals beyond the flesh, every woman will share our collective women described the pain-body - unless she is completely in awareness. This includes thousands of women to men through the client in, through slavery, exploitation, rape, production, loss of children, etc., come together to bear the pain of tired. Many women before the onset of menstruation or at the same time, the feeling of emotional or physical pain, the pain-body is facing a collective north face on saleawakening dormant at the time from the moment, although it may also be triggered at other times. Non-life pain-body can freely flow in the body, while the wave period is life in physical manifestation. We will be explored in this regard, in order to understand how it can become an opportunity for enlightenment. .dwy

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