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But this person has no control over the power of your inner stateSo you have autonomy - and no longernorth face sale subject to others, and no longer be controlled by the mind. Whether the car horn, a rude person, a flood, earthquake, or bankrupt, are the same resistance mechani I have been doing meditation, also participated in workshops, spiritual books also read a lot. I try not to resist in the state, but, if you ask me have not found a real and sustained inner peace, I will answer you honestly do not. Why am I still can not find? What can I do? You are still outsiders Chi, you find impossible to escape the seek mode. Perhaps the next workshop with my answer, maybe that new Famennian useful. I want to advise you of the words: Do not look for peace. Do not look for anything other than your present state; otherwise you will only establish his inner conflict and unconscious resistance. Forgive yourself not at peace inside. You do not fully north face for saleaccept their moment of peace, your peace is not as peaceful a transition. To accept what you entirely, it will allow you to reach what will bring you to peace in the. This is the miracle of surrender.You may have heard of two thousand years ago a teacher used the word enlightenment turnakes you play the other side of the cheek. He tried to use the symbol of the way, pass not resist, do not respond secret. All of his teachings, including the above statements, including, concerns only your inner reality, not in your life things, behavior. You know the Bear Mountain Zen Ze Fan's story it? Before he became a great Zen master, with many years of time seeking enlightenment, but enlightenment is always with his passing. Then one day he passed the market butcher shop, meat and overheard a conversation the guests: where you shop the best piece of meat to me. Guests say. I am here to sell all the meat, no one is not the best. Mountain Bear Fan Ze heard these words on the enlightened I can see you waiting for me to explain. When you accept the authentic time - every moment - all the meat. This is enlightenment. This is called compassion it?Yes. Compassion is the awareness between you and the beings there is a deep link. But compassion, or this link, with two facing. On the one hand you in the form of flesh, so also and each and every human beings as subject to the physiognomy of the bad air into the housing. I blurted out the next time you and this person is not common. This sentence, remember you have a lot in common: A few years later - as little as two years, as many as seven years, there is no great difference - the two of you have become a heap of bones, Following the loess cup, then vanished. Realize that some people distraught shy, do not leave any room for louboutin outlet pride. Is that negative thoughts? No, this is a fact. Why not face it? In this sense, you and all beings are completely equal. .dwy

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