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Completely to be at the moment

Posted by huyaoier on Oct 11, 2011 10:52:32 PM

Completely to be at the momentDo you have pressure? You busy north face jackets toward the future, but the future is now as a means to achieve? Pressure from the people to here, where the heart; or people in the present, caused by the heart in the future. It is to your inner divided into two cracks. Create and live in this period is split in the wild. The fact that we all do, and it did not reduce the madness. When necessary, you can speed up your walk, with the speed. Even with the run. Not resist the moment, not to project yourself into the future. Walk, work, or running, when completely done. Enjoy the energy flow and enjoy the moment of high energy. You do not have the pressure, and no internal split. Leaving only the walk, work, running - and enjoy. Or whether this set, just sitting on a park bench. When sitting alone, watching your mind. It may be said: You should uggs outlet work, you're wasting time. Observing it. Laughed. Of whether you occupy considerable attention? Do you often talk about it, think about it? Whether you positive, negative, whether you. Albert achievements you have had your adventures or experiences, or stories of your victims, and others to impose your evil, you may be imposed on others? Your mind is in the process of creating guilt, pride, Yuan Zeng, anger, regret or self-pity? So, you not only strengthen a false sense of self, but also accumulated in the mind through the past, and to accelerate the body's aging process. Observing those around you seize hold of the past who can get confirmed. All the time to die in the past, you do not need it. And now it only when it is absolutely related to reference it. Current strength and body feel successful and props. Feel your presence. Do you sorrow? If you have a lot of ideas? And that if you're in a fantasy projection of his own future scenarios, and create fear of the mental recognition. You simply can not cope with such a situation, because it does not exist. It is a psychological ghost. Simply acknowledge the present moment, we can prevent this corrosion frenzied life and health. Aware of your breathing. Feel the air in and out of your body. Feel your inner energy field. In real life you are bound to want to rule, to deal with - on the stand imagination, mental projection - is the present moment. The moment where you ask yourself what is the problem, not next cheap ugg year, tomorrow, or five minutes later. At this moment there is something wrong? You can always cope with the moment, but you can never cope with the future - is also unnecessary. Answer to the future, power, right action, or resources, and when you need a timely, not before, not after. .dwy

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