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proper running technique

Posted by ironman89 Feb 28, 2010

If you want maximum results in your run time, you must make the following changes to your form.

*lean forward

*keep you center line straight

*push your pelvis forward

*do not let your heels carry any weight( they may touch)

*pull with your hamstrings

*elbows behind you, hands move forward and back( minimal up and down, in an oval fashion )

*watch where you are going


I know what you are thinking,that's a lot of stuff to think about while i'm trying to relax.But once you get a handle on this technique you will be a much faster runner.Be prepared for the sorest calves of your life, this will be the first time you have ever used them.If you really want a challenge, master running downhill like that( pick your feet up ).

I learned this from a book written by danny dreyer, entitled chi running.very good read i reccomend it to anyone who wants an in depth explanation of how to use the spring naturally in your body. there other ways.


P.S. I DO NOT advocate power walking

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