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Why it has to be so difficult!

Posted by ivnh Jan 28, 2010



On Monday as I mentioned before, I paid a visit to Doctor Brown who is my official chiropractor, physical therapist, and soul adviser. He has been my doctor since 2006 when I was returning to road cycling after five years absence from the sport because my piriformis syndrome. He along other three individuals played a supporting role on me gaining confidence as an athlete and learning how to handle my chronic injury. My hip pain never went away, I stopped relying on western medicine and flushed all the pain killers and muscle relaxants on the toilet. I did learned how to manage my injury and pain. The physical therapy and back alignment Doctor Brown gives me helps on the long run, but in short  typically lefts me sore and hurting. This was another reason I had pathetic Tuesday and Wednesday workout sessions. But as my training progresses it is critical for my success to seek his assistance because he can definitely spot and work my troubled areas to prevent setbacks.


I have mixed feelings for the upcoming three days. At one end I'm eager to ride 3+ hours on Friday and Saturday; on the other end I'm doubtful I can pull it up. Going to the gym is critical and probably develop the habit to take power naps in the middle of the day to recharge, and begin to take multi-vitamins because my protein shake doesn't seem to have any effect on me.

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