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Posted by ivnh Jan 24, 2010

I'm not Lance Armstrong or pretend to be. In fact, I don't like him that much as person; He is a great athlete and such a marketing device primarily for the French and rest of the European peloton after it all who gives a **** about cycling in the U.S? He is jerk in my most frank opinion. This cancer foundation of his is a great trick to convince the public of his altruism and humanism but obviously I'm not fool. Believe me I cheer the Jerk and wish him well; it will awesome he wins the Tour de France. I just hate bullies and hypocrites.


In any case, I'm here writing about my journey to the Tour of Colorado to motivate friends and leave a written testimony of the sacrifice it takes to get in shape. I'm not healthy by any means. I've been plagued with chronic injuries for years. When I was 15 years old, I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome which until these day I opt to ignore. At college they diagnosed me with ADD, I laughed and refused to take the little blue pills. I quit cycling for good due to my chronic hip injury. I returned to cycling, but it cost me 12k in doctors, physical therapy, and witch crafting. Today, life continues to be challenging and it doesn't seem to be getting easier either. Being healthy and be able to ride my Cervelo R3 SL is a privilege that I'm thankful. So there are no excuses!  


The Tour of Colorado is not the Tour of France by any means, however, this 400+ mile cycling event is a multiple stage cycling event that requires preparation and deserves my most utterly respect. This is something I have never done, and believe me I look forward on to the challenge. Road cycling is one of the toughest and rewarding sports. However, this sport alone perhaps has the most underachievers athletes than any other sport. I obviously include myself in the mix. And as there are underachievers there are 'plenty' of losers as well who lack: passion and understanding of the sport of cycling. Throughout the years I have learned that professional cyclists and excellent weekend warriors distinguished themselves from the rest by the level of pain and suffering they can sustain. Sure there is genetics and talent, but road cycling is such a though minded sport that genetics and talent are not enough besides these have nothing to do with personality and soul.

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