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Posted by jjadams Nov 29, 2007

To take full advantage of the extended Thanksgiving weekend, we took a roadtrip to Arizona. We left early on Friday morning after the wonderous meal on Thursday evening.  After about 80 miles heading east on I-8, Tara spotted a billboard for The Desert View Tower and Mystery Caves.  We couldn't pass that up!  It turned out to be the last remaining roadside attraction from the olden days when everyone had to drive to their vacation destinations.  Here is a picture of the tower, and us at the top.








The 'Mystery Caves' turned out to be tunnels and paths through boulders and wind-shaped rock formations, some of which had been sculpted and painted by an out-of-work engineer (hmmm) during the Great Depression.  Here are some of the sculptures.













A ways further we crossed into the famed Imperial Sand Dunes.  We spent New Years out here a few years ago with Mark and Nicole riding desert vehicles, watching sand drag races and drunken bon fires, awesome!  These dunes are also famous because the desert scenes from several movies such as Star Wars and Lawrence of Arabia were filmed here.









On the other side of the highway you can see what the dunes look like on any given weekend during desert season, piles of campers, trailers and desert toys!








So eventually we made it to Scottsdale and then Sedona, but those stories will have to wait for the next blog!



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Hi all...Tara here.


So for Thanksgiving this year, we met up with Lauren and Angela (who was visiting from Florida!!) for Thanksgiving dinner.  Early last week, Lauren and I struggled to figure out where we'd eat dinner.  We wanted to find a place at least RELATIVELY close to being halfway between San Diego and Orange County so neither of us would have to drive exceptionally far.  Well...we came up with Gordon's at the Lake San Marcos Resort and Country Club.




I think my first indication that this was a bad idea should have been a) It was a buffet b) It was at a country club in SAN MARCOS (just a quick FYI to those not in the know...kind of an old fashioned area) and c) The price per person was more like $25 as opposed to all other restaurants, which were $50 and above.  Alas, we both figured this was the closest we'd get to "halfway" between us.  And on our merry way we went....(View map marker for restaurant location relative to our homes.)








Upon  arrival, this is what we saw (take note of the tables in the dining room BEHIND Justin):







Now, keep in mind, 4pm is not an odd time to have dinner on Thanksgiving.  But, you'd honestly think we were there for the early bird special (get it?  Bird?  Turkey? Ha ha.).  The multitude of people over the age of 65 even led Angela to wonder out loud if we, too, would be granted the senior citizen discount.




Alas, this just provided for some laughs.  We visited the buffet way too many times....along with many of the other sprite restaurant guests...











And we were the cutest people there....














What more can you wish for????  HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone!



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Let's Pause for a Moment...

Posted by jjadams Nov 13, 2007

I know that this is a blog about traveling and GPS cameras and such. And I know it's not MY blog per se...but what are you going to do. Stranger things have happened when you have your husband's username and password to his blog. So, I'm going to ask that we pause for a moment and address a few unrelated issues of interest to me, that will soon be forced upon you and hopefully, in turn, will become of interest to you.


1. Please check your calendar. If you are doing anything other than sitting in front of the TV and/or sitting in Michigan Stadium on Saturday, November 17th at 12pm EST, then you have problems. I don't mean small problems, either. I mean, SERIOUS ISSUES. You will be missing the glorious resurrection of Michael Hart and Chad I-must-throw-at-least-one-interception-in-each-quarter Henne. You will also miss the second consecutive week of dismal, sad faces on the Team Who Must Not Be Named.



!!...Let's hope they're doing this ALL WEEK. And by this I mean practicing.



2. If you do not own some sort of zoo animal costume, you should probably invest in one. As you can see from the below photo (all rights reservered, October 31, 2007, Sarah Hanyes), it makes for a righteous good time.













The mental stability of all of the above people is definitely in question.



3. Are clementines for real? I mean...seriously. Do they grow naturally? Or are they engineered to grow smaller and sweeter than normal oranges? It kind of scares me. I ate 3 today. What if they are injected with some strange hormone and they make me sick? And no this is not some kind of backwards way of saying that I fear we will be in the Capital One Bowl...on sunny Citrus Bowl-y Florida..instead of the Rose bowl. It's not that at all.





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Daytrip to Julian

Posted by jjadams Nov 12, 2007

Tara and I visit Julian  once every Fall season to get away from city life and spend some time exploring the "olden days".  On our drive out we passed through many of the areas affected by the fires a few weeks ago.  Our trusty Sony GPS unit tagged our photos on the map to show you where we drove.


Zoomed out to show Julian's relation to San Diego.


Detailed view of our route.




Along the way we saw the remains of several houses, very tragic.  The land was scorched and not much was left.  Here are a few of the pictures.











Eventually we made it to Julian where we visited the Eagle & High Peak gold mines for a history lesson and mine tour.







(Lovely work conditions for the miners)





Tara loves Jeeps!




The last stop before leaving Julian was a stop at The Julian Pie Company  for Cider Mill Donuts, Apple Cider, Cookies and Cinnamon Pie Crust.  Yummmm.



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The Levy Wedding - Chicago

Posted by jjadams Nov 6, 2007


This weekend Tara and I flew to Chicago for Dave and Mira's wedding.  We used our new camera to snap some pictures at the wedding.



The Empire Room at the Palmer House Hilton




The Chuppah



Getting down on the dancefloor






Ben, Dave and I









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I am The Ambassador

Posted by jjadams Nov 6, 2007

Two months ago I received the following email...

Sony is looking for active individuals who enjoy taking pictures and are enthusiastic about new technology, to help promote an innovative accessory in the digital camera industry - the GPS CS1KA. The Sony GPS unit records positioning data and using an online map service pinpoints the location globally with every shot on your digital camera, so you know exactly where each photo was taken.

I thought this sounded fun so I harmlessly filled out the application and forgot about it.  Two weeks ago I received another email...

Congratulations!  We're excited to announce that you have been selected (from over 3,000 applicants) to become a brand ambassador for Sony.  After reviewing your application in detail, we believe your qualifications, interests and enthusiasm make you a perfect fit for the Sony GPS-CS1KA promotion.



Last week I received the following items in the mail...



Sony GPS-CS1KA GPS Locator



Sony DSC-W80 Digital Camera


Sony NSC-GC1 Net-Sharing CAM



Adventures shall ensue.

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