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"We regret to inform the whole of San Diego that, due to building restlessness in our young hearts, we will soon be departing sunny California for the flat, frigid winterscape of Illinois. Although we have thoroughly enjoyed our time here, we both feel we are ready to try something new. The 4 years we spent in San Diego amounted to so much--we learned about a whole new world that we will never forget and will always love! We will be departing at the beginning of February and arrival is TBD. Our roadtrip across the United States has a length yet to be discovered.


We will take no further questions on this matter until more information has been obtained. Thank you for respecting our privacy."


-Tara and Justin Adams


How quickly things change.


The last time I (TARA...NOT Justin) blogged, we were saying goodbye to two friends moving off to Costa Rica. Now, as I write this, we are saying goodbye to ALL of our San Diego friends as we make our way to frigid Chicago.


I'd be lying if I said I wasn't slightly depressed about returning to the midwest. Not only is it hideously ugly at this time of year, it is also extremely depressing and gray. I hate to say this, but as much as I love my roots, I will never LOVE winter, which may cause the majority of our future to be spent in a warm climate somewhere. As a matter of fact, every cell in my body is trying to resist returning to the gray urban sprawl. Alas, Justin and I are a restless pair and, for now, we're ready to try something new!


So, we lasted 4 years in San Diego. Chicago could be shorter, longer, who knows! I have a list of at least 5 other places I want to live (both in AND out of this country!) but for now, this is the right move.


So, until further notice, that's all you're getting. I'm savoring every moment of my last few weeks in shangri-la. Now, here are the answers to some FAQ's:


1. Why are you moving?


Well, we are both horribly sick of our jobs, and we're both young, and we're both childless. So, what better time to hit up something new before we settle down like old grandmas for life?


2. Where will you live? Do you have a place to live yet?


If you haven't figured us out by now, you never will. We like to do things on a whim/at the spur of the moment. So no, we don't have a place to live, and we're not particularly worried about it. (Well, Justin's not. I am, a little. Ain't that the nature of the boy?) But, we're aiming towards River north, the Loop, Lakeview, or Lincoln Park. As long as I can get to the beach fairly quickly and I have room for all my crap, I'm good to go.


3. Do you have jobs?


Again, no, not yet. We've both had numerous interviews...I'm on round 4 at two different companies, and Justin's got companies throwing money at him left and right to fly out for interviews. So, at the risk of sounding cocky, we will probably have numerous jobs. Again, not too worried! Ah, to be young and careless again!


4. Are you insane? Why would you move out of San Diego to come back to THAT?


Although I ask myself daily if we are insane, and at every interview I am also asked if I'm insane (hopefully this is not deterring them from hiring me), i like to believe we are perfectly sane. As previously stated, we just like many different flavors. Besides, if I can't wear a **** pair of boots without sweating, it'll be a good day. And we can always come back.


5. What about your condo?! Didn't you just buy it? Aren't you just settling in?


Yes and no. We did just buy it...two years ago. Yes, time passes that quickly. And, we're still going to own it, because we've already rented it out, to some nice girls from Michigan, incidentally. So, we can come back if we miss it. And if might all be in luck and have a vacation home some day in your future. For now, it's costing us nothing to keep, so why not?!


6. Won't you miss Nicole and Mark? Won't you be so sad?


Yes, of course, but we are trying to recruit them to make the move with us, cause McDonald's headquarters is there and I totally think they'd enjoy -25 degree wind chills. Plus, Mark could totally boat and fish on Lake Michigan. Seriously though, we will visit back and forth forever more, but I do not look forward to saying goodbye with glee.


7. Why did you wait until now to tell us?!


Because we weren't sure until now! But, now that we ARE sure, we're out like a light! Deal with it. You don't always have to know EVERYTHING the minute it's decided. Geez.




Geez, calm down, will you? You really need to stop panicking. We aren't. We're selling one car, driving the other across the country, and living with only one car, cause....seriously, who needs a car in a city with a well-built mass-transit system? And we have a moving truck coming to load all our crap and drive it across the country for us. It's fine! Chill.


9. Ok, so I think I fully understand. But seriously, what's the real reason you're moving?


OK, I'll be honest. The truth is, we're moving because Justin bought me season tickets to Michigan football as a gift and I obviously wouldn't be able to go to any of the games if I lived here. So we HAD to move SOMEWHERE...close enough to MI but JUST far enough away.


If anyone gets the urge to hit up a game, make sure you call me, cause we will NOT be using all those tickets. But, we will never give them up either. And yes, i can see the jealousy in your eyes. Watch out.


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