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Posted by jjadams on Feb 1, 2008 11:08:26 AM


Hi all.



I just thought I'd send a little relief our parents way...luckily my mom is good at hiding her nervousness because she knows I would be driven mad if she was constantly asking me questions/flipping out/portraying how nervous she was about us moving.  She has been very good and even calm!  From the comments on the last blog, I gather that she has been releasing all of this on her friends, Rula, Mari, Kat, etc.  Thanks ladies--you are all good friends.  And ALSO thank you because I don't think I could handle any of the stress that comes with questions.  Even here at work, when people are constantly questioning me, I can't take it!!!!



Anyway, we now officially have a place to live.  I think this might hit a nerve on my mom's superstitious side (as it did me), but I have gotten over it and decided it's probably actually really lucky.  We will be living on the 13th floor on 13th street in unit 1306.  Now, mind you, 13 is my least favorite number for obvious reason, and 6 is my second least favorite.  But, we've got 3 13's going on here and Nicole has managed to convince me that I'm being ridiculous.  And, I think I am, because when you check out our new place, you'll see it's well worth it:



















So, our new address is:



233 E. 13th Street, #1306, Chicago, IL 60605






We have a home base, so rest easy Mom!!!!!















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