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It was an icy Christmas.

Posted by jjadams Jan 2, 2008



Tara here. Anyone who is shocked by the fact that it's me YET AGAIN, please feel free to raise your virtual hand by making a comment.


Anyway, Justin and I just returned from our yearly trip to the warm fuzzy mitten we call home. I thought I'd quickly write a recap, particularly because my lovely cousin Natalie noted in her Christmas card to me that she wanted to be included in the "deranged" family blog...i think it was deranged. Anyway, it was something along those lines. So I thought I'd oblige.  The GPS tags below show our respective parents' houses and the surrounding area.  Love those glaciers.




The George family had our yearly family Christmas party this year courtesy of the Middlebelt Georges. Seeing as my mother spins into a small panic when hosting parties, I tried to help as much as I could. The outcome was decent save for some panic about seating--but really, who DOESN'T want to eat at a TV Table in our basement?! Right!?!?!?


So here's the family photo:




Doesn't Erika look like a model???? Oh wait....


ANYWAY...the HIGHLIGHT by far of the evening was Maddie's announcement that Steph is pregnant again! SO CUTE!! CONGRATS STEPH!!!!!




Anyway, enough of that, you were all there so really, what do you care? But Nat, at least you got called out and pictured in this lovely blog.


We had the Adams family Christmas shortly aftervery fun! We went to Real Seafood in Ann Arbor ( GO BLUE GO BLUE GO BLUE!!!  And, just so we are all awareI got The Hills on DVD.  Dont' be jealous.


Patrick, Tara, Kelly & Justin on Main Street in Ann Arbor




Christmas Eve in Plymouth


Anyway, the rest of the break was mildly uneventful. A lovely Christmas, happy days, wonderous gifts, etc etc etc. We did wake up one morning to a sight rarely--wait no, NEVER seen in San Diego. It was a full-on ICY morning...branches covered in ice, grass, everywhere you looked, ice. Very cool:




Tara OUT.


P.S. I just want to mention that due to a gigantic snowstorm,it took us 12 hours to get home from Michigan. And you all wonder why we don't come back more often?!?!?!??!

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